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Churchill & his Contemporaries

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1. Who was "F.E."? F.E. Smith, later Lord Birkenhead

7. Who was "The Prof"? Frederick A. Lindemann, Oxford professor of Physics

13. Who was the "the boneless wonder"? Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald

19. To whom did WSC reply, when accused of being drunk, "And you are very ugly, but tomorrow I'll be sober"? Bess Braddock, MP

25. Who said, "There will be a tremendous literature about you. There will be many,many volumes." To which WSC replied, "I know. I wrote about 40 myself." Lord Beaverbrook (1957)

31. Churchill and F.E. Smith founded The Other Club in 1911. What was its primary purpose? To dine

37. What rumor did Brendan Bracken encourage? That he was WSC's illegitimate son

43. Who was WSC's Best Man at his wedding? Lord Hugh Cecil

49. What was Lord Beaverbrook's full name? Max Aitken

55. Whose first impression of WSC was, "an arrogant young pup"? W.L. Mackenzie King (later Canadian PM)

61. Who said, "Winston's written an enormous book all about himself and called it The World Crisis"? Sir Samuel Hoare

67. Who sculpted the famous statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square? Robert-Jones

73. What famous person entertained the Churchills aboard his yacht in the late fifties and early sixties? Aristotle Onassis

79. "He has the gift of compressing the largest number of words into the smallest amount of thought" was said by WSC about whom? Ramsay MacDonald (1933)

85. Who was Churchill's first secretary, who worked off and on for him for 30 years? Eddie Marsh (commencing in 1906)

91. Who did WSC describe as having been "transported in a sealed truck like a plague bacillus from Switzerland into Russia"? Lenin

97. Who was Churchill's private secretary from 1952 until WSC's death? Anthony Montague Brown

103. What very special guest attended Sir Winston's resignation dinner in 1955 at 10 Downing Street? H.M. the Queen attended

109. To whom was WSC referring when he said (in 1935) "He is a great actor who can tug at our heartstrings as surely as he compels our laughter." Charles Chaplin

115. Who was the Churchill's head gardener at Chartwell? Victor Vincent

121. The author of Fringes of Power was Churchill's private secretary for many years. Who was he? Sir John Colville

127. Five minutes after WSC left his WWI dug-out to meet the XI Corps Commander it was blown up, killing one person. Who was the Commander? General Sir Richard Haking

133. Who aided in Churchill's escape from the Boers? Mr. Dewsnap

139. Winston Churchill vies in popularity with what other wax figure at Madame Tussaud's? Superman

145. What American statesman and friend of Churchill's also realized the duplicity of Stalin in the 40's? W. Averell Harriman

151. Who said to F.E. Smith in 1911 that he would give five pounds to dine with "that fellow Churchill"? Max Aitkin (Lord Beaverbrook)

157. To whom was Churchill referring when he said "He had the art of backing uneasily into the limelight"? Lawrence of Arabia

163. With whom did Churchill found The Other Club? Lawrence of Arabia

169. Whom did Churchill replace as Prime Minister in 1940? Neville Chamberlain

175. What American statesman was Churchill with when he heard the news that Pearl Harbor had been bombed? W. Averell Harriman

181. To what was W.H. Thompson (detective) referring when he described Churchill as being "too impetuous and . . . took chances"? Churchill's flying ability

187. With whom did Churchill like to speak because of the "feeling of getting nearer my father"? Lord Rosebery

191. What important branch of the Navy did Churchill found? The Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm

193. Sir Winston S. Churchill is often confused with this American author one of whose novels is entitled The Crisis. American novelist Winston Churchill

199. Name the title, author and date of the first biography of Churchill. Winston Spencer Churchill by A. MacCallum Scott in 1905

205. Who, in The World Crisis, was "the only man on either side who could lose the War in an afternoon"? Lord Jellicoe

211. Winston was referring to whom when he wrote to Clementine "the little man was dressed up to the nines in the Balmoral tartan with dagger and jabot? Duke of Windsor

217. Who was WSC's "dearest and most intimate friend" during his first twenty years? Mrs. Everest

223. To which portraitist did Churchill say "You can make a roaring lion stand still to be photographed."? Yousuf Karsh

229. Which monarch was WSC referring to when he said, "will shine in history as the bravest and best beloved of all the sovereigns..."? King Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor)

235. To whom was WSC referring when he said, "I have never seen a human being who more perfectly represented the modern concept of a robot." Vyacheslav Molotov

241. Who said that Churchill's theories of war were "so harebrained that it would be humourous if the lives of men were things to joke about?" Max Aitken

247. What position was given to the Duke of Windsor to keep him out of enemy hands? Governor of the Bahamas

253. Who were the Australian Prime Ministers during World War II? Robert Menzies and John Curtin

259. What great admirer of Sir Winston provided him with his favorite Champagne? Mme Odette Pol-Roger

265. Who was Churchill's physician whose diaries caused a sensation? Lord Moran

271. To whom did WSC say that his father died on the 24th of January - and so would he? Churchill predicted the date of his death to Sir John Colville

277. With which U.S. President did Churchill play poker? Harry Truman

283. Churchill is often quoted describing who as "a modest man with much to be modest about"? Clement Attlee

289. Who said of WSC: "He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle"? John F. Kennedy

295. Which Prime Minister appointed WSC as Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1924? Stanley Baldwin

301. "[He] is the only bull who carries his china shop with him," was said by Churchill about whom? John Foster Dulles

307. Who was the artist who sculpted the statue of Churchill located on Woodford Green, Essex? David McFall

313. Who wrote that Churchill could read "the right decision, upon faulty logic, and against all the best advice"? Sir John Colville

319. How did Sir Winston and the American author Winston Churchill agree to distinguish each other's writings"? Per their agreement, WSC would byline his books "Winston S. Churchill," and the American author just "Winston Churchill"

325. "The only man on either side who could lose the War in an afternoon," was a statement made by Churchill about which officer? Lord Jellicoe

331. What was Churchill's good friend and advisor Professor Lindemann's title? Lord Cherwell

337. Churchill referred to whom when he said of all the crosses he had to bear, "the heaviest of all was the Cross of Lorraine"? Charles deGaulle

343. First Sea Lord Prince Louis Battenberg's son later became First Sea Lord under Churchill. Who was he? Louis Mountbatten

349. Who said, "I am sure we can get along if he [Churchill] doesn't try to give me too much soft soap"? Harry Truman

355. Who said of Churchill in 1939, after publication of Step by Step: "It must be a melancholy satisfaction to see how right you were." Clement Attlee

361. What was Lord Cherwell the "Prof" professor of, and where? Experimental Philosophy at Oxford University

367.When war was declared in 1914, Churchill was dining at the Carlton Hotel. Who, as Martin Gilbert discovered, was cooking vegetables there at the time? Ho Chi Minh

373. To which Prime Minister was WSC referring when he said, "If any grub is fed on Royal Jelly it turns into a Queen Bee"? Clement Attlee

379. To which WWII American general was Churchill related? MacArthur through an American ancestor, John Farnsworth

385. Which of Churchill's many admirers was honored when WSC named one of his race horses after her? Mme Odette Pol-Roger

391. Which English pacifist said, "God put us on an island and Winston has given us a navy. It would be absurd to neglect these advantages"? The pacifist Lytton Strachey

397. Pamela Lytton neé Plowden was an early love of Winston's with whom he corresponded for many years. About how many? 1898-1955

403. What was Prof. Lindemann's official government position during WW2 when he was also Churchill's scientific advisor? Postmaster-General

409. Who said to Churchill in 1942, "It is fun to be in the same decade with you"? Roosevelt

415. Which world leader said, "Churchill is a great man . . . He thinks in terms not only of those little islands . . . but of Western civilization"? Eisenhower

421. In 1916 WSC compared a British commander to a competent and confident, but distanced surgeon who would not reproach himself if the patient died. Who was he? Sir Douglas Haig

427. Who was Churchill's Foreign Minister in the early '50's? Sir Anthony Eden

433. What well-known person's assistance did WSC seek to help bring order to the Middle East in 1921? Lawrence of Arabia

439. After visiting Britain in 1942, who received a note from the Prime Minister, saying: "you certainly have left golden footsteps behind you"? Eleanor Roosevelt

445. In 1942 Churchill met with the Chairman of the United States War Industries Board. Name this man, who was a life-long friend. Bernard Baruch

451. In the Thirties, WSC appointed what Canadian codename "Intrepid" to head the British Security Coordination Service in New York? William Stephenson

457. Who was Churchill's Parliamentary Private secretary in 1926 and later Minister of Food in Churchill's 1940 coalition government? Robert Boothby

463. With whom did Churchill lunch most Tuesdays for the duration of World War II? King George VI

469. "Impossible to be present for the first performance. Will attend the second - if there is one," is a famous reply to which playwright's invitation? WSC replied to George Bernard Shaw's invitation which said "...come and bring a friend - if you have one."

475. In 1958 what famous leader requested that an exhibition of WSC's paintings be arranged in the United States? President Eisenhower requested an exhibition in the U.S.

481. Whose sketching in watercolors inspired Winston to try it for himself and started his painting hobby? His sister-in-law, Lady Gwendeline Bertie ("Goonie") invited him to try a few brush strokes

487. Brendan Bracken was assigned what post by WSC during WW2? Minister of Information

493. The Evening Standard was owned by what great friend of WSC's? Lord Beaverbrook

499. "He seemed to me to embody the life-hope of the British nation, the grand old British race that had done so much for men, and yet had some more to give ..." was said by Churchill about whom? Anthony Eden

505. Who described Churchill as "a great voice rolling round the world"? Sir Robert Menzies

511. Lord Beaverbrook (Max Aitken) and Churchill were long-time friends. What year did they first meet? 1911

517. Who did Churchill say was a diplomat of Bismarkian proportions when WSC was involved in German reunification negotiations? Konrad Adenauer

523. To whom was WSC referring when he used the expression "whipped jackal"? Mussolini

529. Who encouraged Churchill to meet face-to-face with Roosevelt after the Battle of Britain? Harry Hopkins

535. Who said, "Churchill is one of the few men I have met who... give me the impression of genius. Shaw is another. It is amusing to know that each thinks the other is much overrated!"? Cartoonist David Low

541. The architect Churchill hired when Chartwell was rebuilt wrote a book, True Remembrances, in which it is mentioned. Who was the author of the 1954 work? Philip Tilden

547. What as the relationship between Edward H. Marsh (1872-1953) and WSC? Churchill's private secretary from 1905-29 and a lifelong friend

553. What was the name of the Churchill's illustrious cook, who wrote a book entitled Recipes from Number 10? Georgina Landemare

559. Who was Wlaydslaw Sikoski? The leader of the Polish government-in-exile headquartered in England after the fall of France in 1940

565. In 1934 Churchill was offered £10,000 by producer Alexander Korda. What was it for? To write a script for a George V documentary

571. In 1934 Churchill accused Sir Samuel Hoare of what action which was later ruled by Parliament as "false charges"? Exerting undue influence on Manchester cotton manufacturers to support the Indian Bill

577.Who were the Dominion Prime Ministers during WWII? M. King of Canada, Curtin & Menzies of Australia, Fraser of New Zealand, Smuts of South Africa, and Huggins of Southern Rhodesia

583. In 1921 Churchill enlisted the help of what well-known personage to bring order to the Middle East? Lawrence of Arabia

589. "Occasionally he stumbled over the truth but hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened," was said by WSC about whom? Baldwin

595. To whom was Churchill referring when he said, "If [he] invaded hell I would at least make a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons"? Hitler

601. Who was the "whipped jackal ...[who] comes frisking up at the side of the German tiger ..."? Mussolini

607. There are many books written by people who worked with Churchill including secretaries, body guards, and doctors. How many authors can you name? Lord Moran, physician; Elizabeth Nel, secretary; Walter Thompson and Edmund Murray, bodyguards; John Colville and John Martin, private secretaries

613.. Which of WSC's Harrow classmates became his first secretary? John Milbanke (unofficial, unsalaried)

619. "I never left my apartment except for meals, & lay all day & most of the night cuddling yr bulky tome ... I marched with you .. never a cool drink, a hot bath. What a tale!" What book inspired this glowing letter from Churchill? The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence

625. Who were the "three B's," who supported Churchill throughout his political career? Bracken, Birkenhead and Beaverbrook

631. Who said, "I neither drink nor smoke and am 100% fit," to which WSC replied, "I drink and smoke and I am 200% fit"? Field Marshal Montgomery

637. "I am not a bit afraid of [?]. That man can think. I am afraid only of people who cannot think." To whom was WSC referring 1918? Siegfried Sasson

643. Churchill said that he modeled his famous speaking style on an American Congressman he met in 1895. Who was he? Bourke Cockran, an American Congressman he met in 1895

649. "They are not allowed to smoke or have any money ... or are they given any leave except two months ... I think ... young men ... who would resign their personal liberty to such an extent can never make good citizens or fine soldiers." Who were they? The West Point Cadets

655. Who were the rulers of the "low countries" when Hitler invaded them? King Leopold, Belgium; Queen Wilhelmina, Holland; and Grand Duchess Charlotte, Luxembourg

661. Who was chiefly responsible for Churchill's honorary American citizenship? Kay Halle, an American journalist who met Churchill when she was based in London

667. In what year did Adolf Hitler become Chancellor of Germany? 1933

673. "He was a man without a country yet he acted as if he was head of state" was said by WSC about whom in 1943? De Gaulle

679. "All my thoughts are with you on this day which is so essentially your day. It is you who have lead, uplifted and inspired us throughout the worst days" was written to WSC by whom and on what day? Anthony Eden wrote to WSC on VE-Day

685. Who owned the villa La Capponcina where Churchill often visited? Lord Beaverbrook (Max Aitken)

691. What position did Churchill's good friend and counsel Jan Smuts hold during WWII? Prime Minister of South Africa

697. Who cooked Churchill's and Lloyd George's vegetables when they dined in Carlton House the night war was declared in 1914? Ho Chi Minh

703. Who was Churchill's last private secretary and is author of Long Sunset? Anthony Montague Brown

709. Who said that Churchill's Fulton speech was 'nothing short of a declaration of war on Russia"? George Bernard Shaw

715. Who said that Churchill's "place in history is secure." Prime Minister Attlee on 16 August 1945

721. Who said of Churchill in 1921, "[he] has come back from the Middle East as cross as a bear with a sore head and thinks that all the world is out of joint since he is not [Chancellor of the Exchequer]? Austin Chamberlain

727. Who was First Lord of the Admiralty when the Dardanelles operation was abandoned? Arthur Balfour

733. What profound influence did Lady Lavery have on Churchill's life? She started Churchill's painting career

739. "He is the most difficult man I have ever served, but thank god for having given me the opportunity." Who said this about Churchill? Alanbrooke

745. Who introduced Churchill on 12 December 1900 at his speech at the Waldorf-Astoria Ballroom? Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) introduced Churchill on the anniversary of his escape from Pretoria.

758. Whom did Churchill identify as "the resuscitation of the Pan-European idea? Count Coudenhove-Kalergi was considered the father of the European Unity movement.

769. Who was General Eisenhower's Deputy Supreme Commander for SHAEF? Air Vice Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder was named Deputy Supreme Commander by Churchill.

770. Did Churchill meet Hitler at Munich's hotel Continental in 1932? Churchill did not meet with Hitler in Munich in 1932.

774. How many Prime Ministers did John Colville serve as Private Secretary?

779. Which Commonwealth Prime Minister tried to prevent Churchill's appointment to the government in 1939? Prime Minister Menzies of Australia wrote to Chamberlain "....if Winston got into the Government it would not be too long before it were at war."

782. Can you name some of the people who helped Churchill obtain intelligence information while out of office? Major Desmond Morton, Industrial Intelligence Centre; Michael Creswell and Ralph Wigram, Foreign Office; Squadron Leader Charles Torr Anderson; and Group Captain Lachlan Maclean helped Churchill with intelligence data.

789. Of whom did Churchill say: "In defeat indomitable; in victory unbearable"? General Montgomery

793. About whom did Churchill comment: "We know that he has more than any other man the gift of compressing the largest amount of words into the smallest amount of thought"? Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald

799. What was Malcolm Muggeridge's (of the Daily Telegraph) opinion of Churchill as writer and orator? "Churchill is too rhetorical to be either a really great writer or orator."

817. About which American Secretary of State did Churchill comment: "He is the only bull I know who carries his own china closet with him."? John Foster Dulles

823. Who replaced Lloyd George's second coalition Government as Prime Minister? Andrew Bonar Law in November 1922

829. Who painted the Churchill picture which was hanging in Prime Minister Thatcher's office while she was Prime Minister? Frank Salisbury (1874-1962) - it was borrowed from the Churchills

830. How long were the Churchills married? 57 years

835. What is the location of the bronze statue of Churchill sculpted by Ivor Robert-Jones? Parliament Square, London, gazing at St. Stephen's Tower and Big Ben

836. Of whom did Churchill comment:"There for the grace of God goes God"? Sir Stafford Cripps

841. What did Churchill say about his father's speeches? "In his speeches he revealed a range of thought, an authority of manner and a wealth of knowledge, which neither friends nor foes attempted to dispute."

847. Name the artist of 'Profile for victory' in FH75. Alfred Egerton Cooper

853. Who attacked Churchill on 26 November 1910 with a whip, when he returned on the evening train from Bradford to London? Hugh Franklin, a military suffragist, who blamed Churchill for his being arrested on Black Friday" 9 December 1910

859. Which future Secretary of State for War wrote the following about Churchill: "...He is absolutely untrustworthy, as was his father before him..."? Lord Derby in a letter to Lloyd George on 19 of August 1916.

865. On what occasion was Churchill a guest of Kaiser Wilhelm in 1914? Keil Regatta in 1914

871. On what occasion did Churchill's nephew John Spencer-Churchill compose a coronation march for him? When Churchill became Knight of the Garter

877. Who described Churchill as "riding in triumph through Persepolis"? Isaiah Berlin in Mr. Churchill in 1940

883. Who sponsored Churchill's wife Baroness Spencer-Churchill, when she entered the House of Lords? Lords Normanbrook and Ismay.

889. After Churchill became First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911, who did he appoint as his Naval Secretary? Admiral David Beatty

895. What name did Churchill call Sir John Cunningham? Dismal Jimmy

901. When did the Churchill's daughter Marigold die? 24 August 1921

907. To whom did Churchill refer in December 1940 as "...a lunatic in a country of lunatics"? Sir Stafford Cripps, British ambassador to the Soviet Union.

913. How many Prime Ministers did John Colville serve? Three: Neville Chamberlain,Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee.

919. Nellie Hozier, Clementine Churchill's sister, served in World War I. What was her position? Nellie Hozier was a nurse in Belgium in 1914; captured by the Germans, she was released almost immediately.

925. After Neville Chamberlain met Hitler he was asked to bring Churchill into the Government. What was his response? "I won't have anyone who will rock the boat."

931. Who was "Goonie" Churchill? Lady Gwendeline (‘Goonie") Bertie married Winston's brother Jack.

937. Who did Churchill wish to be Godfather to Randolph? 25 June 22 1911 in a letter to his wife, he suggested Edward Grey

943. Where can you find the correspondence between WSC and Bourke Cockran, American lawyer and Democratic Member of Congress? New York City Public Library

949. Who commented about WSC: "With all his faults, his is the lion heart"? Harold MacMillan in is War Diaries

955. Who did Churchill send as his personal representative to Chiang Kaishekin 1943? Lt General Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart

961. Did Churchill ever speak with President Kennedy? No, Anthony Montague
Brown spoke with JFK.

967. When did Canadian PM Mackenzie King first meet Churchill? As early as 1900 during Churchill's tour of Canada.

973. To whom did Churchill refer when he said " would have been better had he never lived."? Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, whom he blamed for Britain's lack of preparedness at the outset of WW2.

979. Who was the first woman member of Parliament, who served with Churchill and often clashed with him? Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor (Viscountess Astor)

985. When Churchill first went to America in 1895 he was met at the quay by a friend of his American relations. He talks about him Amid these Storms. Who was it ? Bourke Cockran

991. About which one of his friends did Churchill comment: "He had all the canine virtues in a remarkable degree--courage, fidelity, vigilance, love of chase." Lord Birkenhead

997. Why did T. E. Lawrence refuse the Commandership of the Bath and the Distinguished Service Order when the King was about to bestow them? Lawrence intended to demonstrate what he considered "betrayal to the Syrian demands of France."

1003. What newspapers did Lord Beaverbrook control? He bought a major interest in the Daily Express in 1919; in 1921 he founded the Sunday Express and in 1929 he bought the Evening Standard.

1009. Name the 13 Prime Ministers Churchill served with. Salisbury, Balfour, Campbell-Bannerman, Asquith, Lloyd George, Bonar Law, Baldwin, MacDonald, Chamberlain, Attlee, Eden, Macmillan and Douglas-Home.

1015. Who was Postmaster-General during World War II in Churchill's Government? Professor Lindeman

1021. Who first said of Churchill, "He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle"? Edward R. Murrow

1027. Which famous Portuguese novelist gave a talk on Churchill's 80th birthday, later published under the title "Churchill, o Estadista e o Escritor"? Joaquim Paço D'Arcos

1033. What was Ernest Bevin's official position in the War Cabinet? Minister of Labour and National Service

1039. Who was the originator of Winston Churchill's "Toyshop"? Major, later Major-Gen. Sir Millis Jefferies established the weapons development organization nicknamed "Winston Churchill's Toyshop," which produced the fluvial and limpet mines.

1045. In October 1926 Churchill, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, replaced his Parliamentary Private Secretary, Sir Clive Morrison-Bell. Whom did he select? Boothby

1051 Sir Murland Evans, a fellow schoolmate of Churchill, recalled a conversation they had as young boys in which Churchill predicted that " London will be attacked and I shall be very prominent in the defence of London". Where did this discussion take place? as a student at Harrow

1057. What was the name and the business of the person who took Churchill into his home and helped him escape from the Boer prison? John Howard was a naturalized burgher and manager of the colliery at Whitbank

1063. Which Prime Minister commented about Churchill "There comes Winston with his hundred horsepower mind"? Stanley Baldwin

1069. What was the name of the suffragette whom Churchill encountered the first time during a pre-election meeting in North-West Manchester in 1905? Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst

1075. Under whom did WSC serve as Under-secretary for Colonies? Lord Elgin

1081. Who paid for Churchill's stay in Los Angeles in 1929? James Rathwell Page, Vice President of the First National Bank in LA.

1087. Who wrote, "Had it not been for the resumption of the War, Churchill would not have had a dog's chance to crowning his career as Prime Minister"? George Bernard Shaw

1093. What film studio did Churchill visit as guest of honor, during his tour of California in 1929? MGM

1099. What were Churchill's comments regarding American Prohibition? At Pd Smith's Memorial broadcast on 14Oct47 Churchill commented, "I was in full agreement with his attitude on prohibition."

1105. Which U. S. Secretary of State said "Britain has lost an Empire but failed to find a role"? Dean Acheson, Truman's Secretary of State

1111. On what occasion did Stalin comment, "To all intent and purposes, Mr. Churchill now takes his stand among the warmongers"? Stalin called Churchill a warmonger in response to WSC's speech at Fulton, Missouri

1117. Churchill commented during the second reading of the Home Rule Bill, "The great old man looked like a great white eagle at once fierce and splendid." To whom did he refer? When referring to "the great white eagle," Churchill meant William Ewart Gladstone.

1123. Who made this comment about ‘Winston Churchill as a historian? "Mr. Churchill suffers from a natural desire to record the prominent and often valuable part which his vigorous personality played in council, from a too exalted estimate of ‘the wiser judgement of statesmen' and from a superabundance of speculative criticism." Colonel the Lord Sydenham of Combe commented on Churchill the Historian, in The World Crisis by Winston Churchill: A Criticism.

1129. Who was the "grocer" who became Churchill's "shadow" in 1939? Detective Inspector W. H. Thompson served as Churchill's bodyguard for eleven years, retired in 1936 and opened a grocery business; Churchill called him back to duty in 1939.

1135. When Churchill proposed, the young actress told him she "would not be able to cope with the great world of politics." Who was she? Ethel Barrymore

1141. How did Churchill characterize the difference between Arthur Balfour and H. H. Asquith? "Arthur [Balfour] is wicked and moral, while Asquith is good and immoral."

1147. When Churchill became Under Secretary of State for the Colonies he picked Edward Marsh as his private secretary. Where had Marsh worked before his selection by Churchill? Edward Marsh was a clerk in the West African Department before becoming Churchill's personal secretary.

1153. Which relative wrote to Churchill in 1898 about his novel Savrola: "It is clear you have not yet attained a knowledge of women‹and it is evident you experience of love"? Duchess of Marlborough

1159. Who was the actor who claimed (falsely) to have given the "blood, toil, tears and sweat" speech? Actor Norman Shelley

1165. Who did WSC call a "seditious Middle Temple lawyer and a fakir..."? Gandhi

1171. To which statesman did Churchill refer when he wrote, "It is difficult for a man to do great things if he tries to combine a lambent charity embracing the whole world with the sharper forms of populist party strife"? President Woodrow Wilson during WW1 peace negotiations

1177. In 1920 Lord Lee of Fareham gave what country house to the nation for the use of its Prime Ministers? Chequers

1183. In 1921 WSC's cousin, Lord Herbert Lionel Henry Vane-Tempest, died and WSC inherited what estate? Garron Towers, County Antrim, Ireland

1189. What Leader of the House resigned while Churchill was attending the Cairo Conference in March 1921? Andrew Bonar Law

1195. What did Sir Ernest Cassel give Churchill as a wedding present? £500

1201. In The World Crisis Churchill wrote, "...when I left the Admiralty on May 1915 the...only one of my colleagues who paid me a visit of ceremony was the overburdened Titan whose disappropriation had been one of the disconcerting experiences of my youth." To whom did he refer? Kitchener

1213. Less than a week after the Wavertree election, Randolph Churchill again caused a violent reaction from his father. What was it? Randolph announced his intention to put forward a candidate for Norwood, challenging the National Government's India policy. Churchill was furious and did not support his son.

1219. Who was British Ambassador to the United States when Churchill became Prime Minister in 1940? Lord Lothian was British Ambassador to the U. S. from 1939 till his death on 12Dec40.

1225. Who commented in 1907 regarding Churchill as Undersecretary of the Colonies, "The sooner.. .Mr. Winston Churchill is sent as an ambassador to Timbuktu the better it would be for the Country and the Empire"? Neville Chamberlain

Questions from 114

1231. About whom did Churchill comment, "He thinks he is Joan of Arc but my bishops won't let me burn him"? (C)

1237. Who was the leading free trader in the Edwardian Conservative Party, and Churchill's best man at his wedding? (C)

1243. Who assumed the Premiership upon Churchill's 1955 retirement? (C)

1249. Who was the fellow subaltern who accompanied WSC to Cuba in 1895? (C)

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