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2. Which of his books did Churchill's alma mater, Sandhurst, adopt as a textbook? The World Crisis

8. In what year did WSC first broadcast to the USA? In 1932

14. WSC wished but failed to write a biography of what historical figure? Napoleon

20. What book text did Churchill complete first? Savrola, published in magazine serial form before his first book.

26. For which American newspaper syndicate did Churchill write? Hearst

32. What book by the American novelist Winston Churchill is often confused with a book by WSC? The Crisis (with The World Crisis)

38. What is another title for My Early Life? "A Roving Commission"

44. Where and when did Marlborough make its first appearance in print? As a serialization in The Sunday Times, starting 1933

50. What newspaper published Churchill's South African adventures? The Morning Post

56. What was the title of a book of speeches Churchill made defending the Raj? India

62. Which was the first biography written by Churchill? Lord Randolph Churchill

68. London to Ladysmith is WSC's personal and contemporary account of his participation in what war? The Boer War

74. What were the letters Churchill wrote to Clementine during her 1935 journey to the East Indies called? The "Chartwell Bulletins"

80. From where did many of Churchill's research assistants graduate? Oxford

86. In 1895, The Daily Graphic published a series of letters from WSC as he observed a war (campaign) in what country? Cuba

92. Churchill said he emulated two eminent authors when writing The River War. Who were they? Macaulay and Gibbon

98. In 1935 WSC began a weekly series of articles in News of the World. What was the title? My Life

104. WSC's campaign with Sir Bindon Blood resulted in what book? The Story of the Malakand Field Force

110. Name the first newspaper for which Churchill was war correspondent. Daily Graphic (1895)

116. What is the title of WSC's only travelogue? My African Journey (1908)

122. To whom has Churchill been compared in the quote, "[he] waged wars and wrote about them"? Julius Caesar

128. Some of WSC's writings on world affairs were collected by Randolph Churchill and published in 1939. What was the title of this book? Step by Step

134. Which books was Churchill working on in 1935? Marlborough (Vol III) & A History of the English-Speaking Peoples

140. Where are the Churchill Archives stored (the most important collection of Churchill papers)? Churchill College, Cambridge

146. Churchill's series of articles on defense were subsequently published under what title? Step by Step

152. How much did Churchill receive for each of his African journey articles which appeared in The Strand? 150 pounds

158. How was the majority of Churchill's income earned?

164. An article in The Nation, "The Untrodden Field of Politics," was written when WSC was campaigning in what constituency?

170. What is the title of Churchill's book about the reconquest of the Sudan?

176. Churchill's newspaper letters concerning the advance to Johannesburg and Pretoria were published in book form under what title?

182. Which of Churchill's books mentions the racial problems of South Africa? London to Ladysmith via Pretoria (1900)

188. What did WSC recite before the Headmaster of Harrow to receive a special prize (1200 lines thereof)? Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome

194. ". . . the very repository of the most virulent hatreds that have ever darkened and corroded the human breast" was written by WSC about whom? Hitler

200. The American Civil War was originally part of what work by Churchill? A History of The English-Speaking Peoples

206. WSC's speeches from 1936-38 were published in the U.S. as While England Slept. What was the British title? Arms and The Covenant

212. What was the American title of WSC's book, Into Battle? Blood, Sweat and Tears

218. What was Churchill's first published book? The Story of the Malakand Field Force

224. Who secured the foreign language rights to Sir Winston's War memoirs as well as A History of the English-Speaking Peoples?" Emery Reves

230. While working on A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, Churchill was also writing what other book? Marborough

236. Where and when was The Dream (WSC's short story about his father) first published? Daily Telegraph in 1966, on the first anniversary of Churchill's death

242. In 1899 WSC published two books; name them. London to Ladysmith via Pretoria, Ian Hamilton's March and Savrola were published in 1900

248. Which of WSC's books first appeared as a two-part article in The Strand Magazine in 1921-22? Painting as a Pastime

254. The first volume of The Second World War appeared in 1948. When was the final volume published? 1953

260. Winston's mother, Jennie, edited a magazine from 1899-1901. What was it called? The Anglo-Saxon Review

266. For what book did WSC write a new foreword 56 years after it was first published? Savrola

272. Randolph Churchill collected some of WSC's articles on world affairs and published them under what title? Step by Step

278. Churchill's speeches from 1936 to 1938 were published under what two titles (US and UK)? While England Slept (US) and Arms and the Covenant (UK)

284. A series of speeches given by Churchill between 3-11 December 1909 were published under what title? The People's Rights

290. Churchill preferred the title The Locust Years for his military and political writings in the late 1930s. Under what title were they published? Step by Step

296. Which river was the subject of Churchill's book The River War? The Nile

302. What title did Churchill prefer for his collection of newspaper articles published as Arms and the Covenant (USA/While England Slept)? The Locust Years

308. In 1921 Churchill wrote an article for the magazine "Arts and Decoration" critiquing which artists? The Laverys

314. What two languages did Churchill learn when in school in Brighton? Latin and Greek

320. Winston's biography of Marlborough tried to refute what particular accusations promulgated by the historian Macaulay? Avarice, treachery and "careerism" against James II and William III

326. In 1909, a collection of twenty-two speeches by WSC, concerning old age pensions, unemployment, disability insurance, etc. was published under what title? Liberalism and the Social Problem

332. How much of an advance did Churchill get for Marlborough? £20,000

338. A. MacCallum Scott wrote the first biography (Winston Spencer Churchill). How old was Churchill when it was published? 31

344. What are the two rarest books in the Churchill "canon"? Mr. Brodrick's Army and For Free Trade

350. British demobilization, the Irish settlement, Turkish nationalism and Bolshevism vs. the Allies were topics in which of WSC's books? The Aftermath

356. When did Winston's biography of his father (Lord Randolph Churchill) first appear? 1906

362. Churchill contributed to a series of twelve articles published in News of the World in 1933. What was the title of this series? The World's Greatest Stories

368. How many "spin-offs" (excerpted titles) of The History of the English-Speaking Peoples can you name? The Island Race, The American Civil War, Joan of Arc and Heroes of History

374. Which of Churchill's book titles has sold the most copies? The Second World War

380. A short story by WSC entitled "Man Overboard!" appeared in two different magazines, in 1899 and in 1965. What were they? Harmsworth (1899) and Argosy (minus the exclamation mark, 1965)

386. The final volume of The World Crisis is entitled The Unknown War (U.S. title). What war was Churchill writing about? The Eastern Front i.e the war between Russia and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, 1914-18)

392. Dorset Press (NY) has republished two of Churchill's books in one volume entitled The Boer War. What are the original titles? London to Ladysmith via Pretoria and Ian Hamilton's March

398. Who was St. John Brodrick of Brodrick's Army? Secretary of War

404. With whom did Churchill advocate free trade in his book, For Free Trade? The Commonwealth

410. The first edition of The River War contains passages, later deleted as being irrelevant, criticizing whom? Lord Kitchener

416. In which book does WSC recount the meeting with his American colleague, Winston Churchill, the writer from New Hampshire? My Early Life

422. When did Churchill declare that his son, Randolph, would be his official biographer? 1953

428. In Churchill's novel Savrola, the hero leads a revolution in what fictitious country? Republic of Laurania

434. How old was Churchill when he received the Nobel Prize for Literature? 79

440. What is the title of Churchill's book covering the period between the World Wars? The Gathering Storm

446. Churchill's writings have been translated into at least fourteen different languages. How many can you name? Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Slovene, Swedish and Turkish

452. Many of Churchill's books are collections of speeches. Which was the first to be published? Mr. Brodrick's Army

458. In this quote: "So long as you are all right, firmly in your saddle, your horse in hand, and well armed, lots of enemies will give you a wide berth," WSC was comparing a calvary charge to what? To ordinary life

464. When and where did Painting as a Pastime make its first appearance? In Strand magazine

470. Churchill liberally quoted from literature. Name three of the more common sources found in his writings. The Bible, Book of Common Prayer, Shakespeare, Macauley, Victorian writers, etc.

476. Great Contemporaries was first published in 1937 with essays on twenty-one people. In later editions WSC added and subtracted certain people. How many different texts are there? Four different texts: 1937 had the original 21 essays; 1938 added four names; 1941 subtracted two Russians; 1942 subtracted Roosevelt; but the postwar editions restored them all.

482. Churchill had an impressive collection of books about what well-known historic figure? Napoleon

488. Two companion volumes to The People's Rights entitled The People's Insurance and The People's Budget were published in1909. Who was their author? David Lloyd

494. Who was the publisher of Churchill's first five books? Longmans, Green & Co. London & New York

500. WSC's first four non-fiction books were abridged into one volume by Frederick Woods in 1962 and published under what title? Frontiers and Wars

506. What book by WSC described the uprising of the frontier tribes and a wave of tribal revolt in India? The Malakand Field Force

512. The recent release of Martin Gilbert's At the Admiralty brings the total number of Companion volumes (to the Official Biography) so far published to how many? (As of 1993) Fourteen

518. How many hardbound titles entirely by Churchill have been published posthumously? (as of 1993) Young Winston's Wars, The Collected Essays, and The Dream

524. How many states are currently known of the American edition of My African Journey? Three states

530. Name the four individual titles of WSC's History of the English-Speaking Peoples. The Birth of Britain, The New World, The Age of Revolution and The Great Democracies

536. What is the subject matter of Into Battle (first published in 1941)? Churchill's speeches between May 1938 and November 1940, both in Parliament and on the wireless

542. WSC wrote two other pieces of fiction besides Savrola. What were the titles? Man Overboard appeared in Harmsworth Magazine in July 1899; On the Flank of the Army appeared in Young Companion on 18 December 1902

548. In 1932, what well-known American family asked Churchill to write a biography of their patriarch, but withdrew their offer because his fee was too high? The Rockefeller family asked WSC to write a biography of John D.

554. What well known historian and Oxford Don did Churchill ask to vet the Tudor portion of his History of the English-Speaking Peoples? A.L. Rowse

560. Name the six individual titles of The Second World War. The Gathering Storm, Their Finest Hour, The Grand Alliance, The Hinge of Fate, Closing the Ring, and Triumph and Tragedy

566. Name the titles of the seven volumes of speeches Churchill have during WW2. Into Battle (1938-40), The Unrelenting Struggle (1940-41), The End of the Beginning (1942), Onwards to Victory (1943) The Dawn of Liberation (1944), victory (1945), and Secret Session Speeches

572. "... their origins, their quarrels, their misfortunes and their reconciliation" was used by Churchill to describe which of his works? The History of the English-Speaking Peoples

578. How many copies of Malakand Field Force were printed by Longmans on the first run? 5,000

584. What is the subject of Mr. Brodrick's Army (1903)? A series of speeches given by WSC in opposition to the Secretary of War's army reforms

590. Lord Moran's Diaries about Churchill created quite a stir. What book, written by seven of his contemporaries and edited by Wheeler Bennett tried to refute Moran's image? Action This Day (1968)

596. As a war journalist, Churchill covered confrontations in what three countries? Africa, India, Cuba

602. Churchill said, "all my philosophy is put into the mouth of the hero." Who is the hero? Savrola

608. The Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Sir Winston, not for a single work but for what? For his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values (not - as is commonly thought - for his World War II memoirs)

614. What bit of family genealogy did WSC omit in later editions of Marlborough? The Roger de Curcelle ancestry

620. What was the "crisis" Churchill wrote about in The World Crisis? World War I

626. Painting as a Pastime has appeared in three different forms. What are they? In 1921 it was an essay in The Strand Magazine; in 1932 it appeared in Thoughts and Adventures; in 1948 it was published as a separate volume

632. Which of his books did WSC call "slovenly" because of the poor proof-reading? Malakand

638. What was Answers? A pulp weekly in which Churchill published a number of original articles during the 1930s

644. Churchill's Mr. Brodrick's Army has many parallels with Lord Randolph's 1886 battle with Secretary of State W.H. Smith. What was the common subject? Both had strong opposition to Army Reforms as proposed by the contemporary War Secretary

650. What world record has the Randolph Churchill/Martin Gilbert biography achieved? The "Official Biography" is the longest biography written at over 20,000 pages

656. What book was Churchill writing when he gave his speech at Fulton? The Gathering Storm

662. What was the subject of Churchill's book Step by Step? A collection of articles (most from the Evening Standard from 1936 to 1939)

668. In the Spring of 1932 Churchill was compiling a series of his essays for publication: Amid these Storms, American Impressions and Notable Contemporaries were the working titles. How may of these were published and what were their titles? Amid These Storms (Thoughts and Adventures) and Great Contemporaries were compilations of WSC's essays

674. What was the subject of Churchill's first commercially published writings? His visit to Cuba in 1895-96

680. How much did WSC earn with his first attempt as an author? Five guineas for the five letters he wrote from Cuba and published in the Graphic

686. WSC's The World Crisis consists of five volumes published over a period of eight years. Name each volume title. The World Crisis: 1911-1914, the World Crisis: 1915, The World Crisis: 1916-1918, The World Crisis: The Aftermath, and The World Crisis: the Eastern Front

692. How many copies of the original, two-volume, River War were published? 3000 copies

698. The Island Race, The American Civil War, Joan of Arc and Heroes of History are spin-offs from which Churchill work? Spin-offs from A History of the English-Speaking Peoples

704. What as The British Gazette? A newspaper edited by Churchill during the General Strike of 1926

710. What prompted Churchill to write a biography of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough? To defend Churchill's ancestor against aspersions by several historians including Thomas Macaulay

716. While working on Marlborough Churchill was also writing what other book? A History of the English-Speaking Peoples

722. Blenheim is a spin-off of what Churchill work? Marlborough

728. What is the subject of this Churchill quote? "[?] is an adventure. To begin with it is a toy, an amusement; then it becomes a mistress, and then a master..."? "Writing a book"

734. Which newspaper did Churchill think was "the best newspaper in the world"? Manchester Guardian

740. The final volume of The World Crisis was entitled The Eastern Front. Churchill had another title in mind which was used in American and Canadian editions and later in some British editions. What was it? The Unknown War

748. When and to whom did WSC write "I pursue profit not pleasure in the States this time."? In a letter to Burke Cochran dated 25 November 1900.

755. Who wrote the first poem about Winston S. Churchill? Canon H. D. Rawnsley, an eight-line stanza, "To Winston Churchill, Escourt" on 15 November 1899.

756. What is Churchill's connection with A.P. Herbert's book The Secret Battle? WSC wrote an introduction to The Secret Battle by A. P. Herbert.

757. Where did Churchill write about heroism of the Medical Staff in action? Churchill wrote "The Doctor and the Soldier" for The Bravest Deed I Ever Saw, a collection of heroic tales published in 1905.

761. What is the name of the student who interviewed Churchill for a college newspaper in 1901? Gustavus Ohlinger at the University of Michigan on 9 January 1901.

762. What was the slogan of the Churchill badge for the 1951 election? "Send for Churchill" and the V-sign was on a pin for the 1951 general election.

771. In which of his books did Churchill describe a typical day while in the service of the 4th Hussars in India? My Early Life

794. How much was Churchill paid for his articles from Cuba? The Daily Telegraph paid him five guineas for each letter written during the Cuban insurrection.

800. Roosevelt included a poem in an introductory letter to Churchill. Who did the letter introduce, and what was the poem? The letter introduced Wendell L. Wilkie and included Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem: "...Sail on, O Ship of State, Sail on, O Union, strong and great!"

805. Who wrote "The Malakand is one of Churchill's most literary works, in its striving after 'poetic' effects, its many epigraphs, allusions, and quotations, and its references to historical events...."? Manfred Weidhorn, in his book Sword and Pen.

806. When Churchill met Miss Christine Lewis on board the Carthage, which book was he working on? The River War

811. Where did Churchill comment "To gain one's way is no escape from the responsibility for inferior solutions"? In Triumph and Tragedy1953, he commented on the invasion of southern France.

812. About what book did Churchill comment, "I have consistently urged my friends to abstain from reading it"? Savrola, his only novel.

818. Who wrote of Churchill "He is brave, which is everything! Napoleonic in audacity, Cromwellian in thoroughness."? Lord Fisher wrote a letter to Gerard Fiennes on 8 February 1912, praising Churchill's audacity and thoroughness. [Gerard Fiennes (1864-1926) was a well known naval journalist and strong supporter of Admiral Lord Fisher].

824. According to Maurice Ashley, what was Churchill's opinion of American vs. British editions of his books? Churchill considered that the British edition of his writings was to be the definitive one.

842. Lady Randolph Churchill negotiated with the Daily Telegraph for Winston's early articles from the Indian frontier. How much was he paid? £5, although he wanted £10

848. Where can you find Churchill's artide "How to Stop War"? Evening Standard of 12 June 1936 and in Step by Step 1936-1939, p 37

854. In Savrola, what was the name of the President of Laurania? President Antonio Molara of Laurania

860. What was the financial arrangement Churchill personally negotiated with Harrap for the publication of Marlborough? £10,000 for the British Empire book rights to Marlborough.

866. What are the Chartwell Bulletins? Letters Churchill wrote to his wife from Chartwell commenting on everything from politics to Mary's pug committing 'indiscretions' on the carpet.

872. What was the last major literary work Churchill handled without research assistants? Lord Randolph Churchill

878. What was Adam Marshall Diston's connection with Churchill? Editor of Answers, who wrote several partial and complete articles which were allegedly passed on as Churchill's.

884. Name the title of the British edition of While England Slept. Arms and the Covenant

890. How old was Churchill when he received the Nobel Prize for
Literature? 79 years old

896. Who edited Winston Churchill's Complete Speeches? Robert Rhodes James

902. When was the first volume of Marlborough, His Life and Times
published? 1933 by Harrap in London

908. In a speech to the Conservative Party in October 1953, Churchill commented about his speeches, "that I am always wary about loading a speech with percentages." What did he say how he liked his speeches? "Personally I like short words and vulgar fractions."

914. Frederick Woods wrote about "Churchill's Method of Writing." Where can you find this piece ? In Artillery of Words.

920. What was the title of the despatches Churchill sent to the Daily Telegraph when attached to the Malakand Field Force, and how did he sign them? "The War in the Indian Highlands" and signed "A Young Officer."

926. What was Churchill's pen-name when writing The Harrovian in 1891? "Junius Junior"

932. Where did Churchill quote "Pretty Polly Oliver"? "Women in War" in The Strand Magazine, 2/38

938. Who wrote the introduction to Churchill's book, Liberalism and the Social Problem? Henry W. Massingham

944. How much did Churchill receive from The Strand Magazine for each of five articles about his African travels? (He ultimately sold two more for the same price.) £150 for each articles and £50 for each photo

950. How did the British publisher of Churchill's Second World War manage to squeeze 20,000 more copies out of a limited supply of paper? The publishers reduced the type by 2 points for The Gathering Storm. For the second edition they reset the first volume and all succeeding volumes had larger type.

956. In which of Churchill's articles did he quote Tennyson's "Locksley Hall"? "Fifty Years Hence" in Thoughts and Adventures

962. What three revolutions did Churchill describe in his History of the English Speaking Peoples? Glorious Revolution of 1688 in Britain, the American Revolution of 1776 and the French Revolution of 1789

968. Where did Churchill find his comments regarding the "locust years"? It was based on the Bible, Joel 3:25: "...And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten."

974. On 12 March 1887 Lord Randolph sent a letter to his wife under a "Flying Seal." What is a "Flying Seal"? a Foreign Office notation, meaning the recipient should read it and send it on.

980. In one of his books Churchill wrote, ‘Nothing will change him much.... [his] letters as a boy are his letters as a man. The same vigour of expression; the same simple yet direct language.. .the same humour and freedom from all affection...." To whom was he referring? His father, Lord Randolph

986. Who wrote the introduction to the abridged (1968) edition of Marlborough? Henry Steele Commager

992. The River War was generally well received and praised, but one weekly magazine carried a note almost totally hostile, commenting: "Only this astonishing young man could have written these two ponderous and pretentious volumes..." Which magazine was it? Saturday Review of 18 November 1899: "The amazing feature in the book is the irresponsible egoism of its author."

998. In January 1947 Churchill wrote an article on the chance of another world war. What was its title and in what magazine did it run? Colliers, 4 January 1947, under the title, "The High Road of the Future."

1004. In what year did the American popular magazine Collier's Weekly publish Churchill's first article, and what was its title? "The War by Land and Sea" on 30 September 1916.

1010. Name three books in which Churchill appears as a fictional character. Rupert Catskill in Men Like Gods by H.G. Wells; Walter Chancel in Storm in the West by Sinclair Lewis; Tom Hogarth in Lord Raingo by Arnold Bennett; Algernon Woodstock in Eleven Were Brave by Francis Beeding. Sherlock Holmes foils a plot against Churchill in The Boer Conspiracy by John Woods. WSC is "Winnie the Pooh," spymaster to Christopher Creighton in The Paladin by Brian Garfield.

1016. What book did the International Churchill Society name "the best critical work on Churchill"? Churchill: A Study in Failure by Sir Robert Rhodes James.

1022. What was Churchill's name for the twentieth century? "the century of the common man, because in it the common man has suffered most."

1028. Churchill told John Colville that to understand the history of World War I he need only read two books. Which ones? Liaison 1914 and Prelude to Victory, by Maj. Gen. Sir Edward Spears.

1034. When did Churchill declare,"This was their finest hour"? June 18, 1940

1040. What was the name of the magazine published by Churchill's mother? Anglo-Saxon Review

1046. What is the title of Sir Winston Churchill's latest book? The Great Republic, published 1999, is a collection of Sir Winston's writings on America

1052. What was the title of the article Churchill wrote the famous literary magazine, The Anglo-Saxon Review? "British Cavalry"

1058. How long did it take Churchill in 1899 to reach Durban from Cape Town, using railroad and steamer? Two days

1064. After Churchill escaped from the Boer prison he gave a speech in Durban. Do you remember where he spoke? Durban at Old City Hall on Farewell Square

1070. For what newspaper did Churchill cover the 1898 Nile expedition? The Nile despatches were commissioned by Oliver Borthwick, editor of The Morning Post, and printed in that paper from 31 August to 13 October 1898.

1076. What poet, novelist and eccentric denounced Churchill in poems published in the Daily Herald, The Nation and a pamphlet entitled The Winstonburg Line? Osbert Sitwell

Questions from FH 108

1082. Did the American and English Winston Churchill ever meet? Yes, in 1900 in Boston during English Winston's lecture tour.

1088. Which of Churchill's works was at the top of National Review's list of the 100 best books of the 20th century? National Review named The Second World War the non-fiction book of the century.

1094. Name one of Celia Sandys's two books about her grandfather. From Winston with Love and Kisses (The Young Churchill in USA) and Churchill Wanted Dead or Alive.

1100. Churchill wrote that the "British people have been confronted repeatedly by a great continental military power seeking to dominate Europe." Name one of the four Government leaders he referred to. The British fought Philip II, Louis XIV, Napoleon and Wilhelm II.

Questions from FH 109

1106. Churchill wrote the foreword to what book honoring the men of the Merchant Navy? All Clear Aft: Episodes at Sea, published for the Seamen's Hospital Society by Cassell in 1936

1112. Who owns the copyright to Sir Winston's papers and writings? his grandson, Winston S. Churchill

1118. What are two major differences between the British and U.S. editions of Churchill's Second World War? American editions of The Second World War lack all the folding plates, and the maps which were printed are only in one color.

1124. Which authors were Churchill's "Literary Gods," whose influence stayed with him all his life? Gibbon and Macaulay

1130. What book did Sir Martin Gilbert, Churchill's biographer, write about his 30-year quest for data on his subject? All Clear Aft: Episodes at Sea

1136. Churchill wrote, "It may be in future years...under just laws and patriotic administration, [this country will be] throwing open her ports to the commerce of the world, sending her ponies to Hurlingham and her cricketers to Lord's..." What was the country and where may the quotation be found? Cuba; see the Daily Graphic of 13 January 1896

1142. Churchill's mother contracted with the Daily Telegraph for Winston to send them letters about the action at the Northwest Frontier. What signature did those letters carry when published? Churchill's letters in the Daily Telegraph were bylined "by a Young Officer"; he was furious that his name did not appear.

1148. Churchill wrote, "But very considerable misgivings must necessarily arise when a campaign to attack the monetary problem becomes intermingled with, and hampered by, the elaborate processes of social reform and the struggles of class warfare." What campaign was he referring to? Churchill wrote about Roosevelt in 1934; the campaign he mentioned was FDR's New Deal.

Questions from FH111

1154. Churchill wrote a foreword to The Chartered Surveyor. When was the Chartered Surveyor Institution founded? 1868.

1160. Which British historian was denied use of the Marlborough papers at Blenheim, while Churchill was writing Marlborough's biography? G. M. Trevelyan

1166. Which Churchill book describes the Mahdist revolt in the Sudan? The River War, 1898

1172. Name the title of the last Churchill book published during his lifetime. The Unwritten Alliance, a compilation of 1953-59 speeches, published 1961.

1178. When WSC wrote his wife, "...the world is gone mad-& we must look after ourselves-& our friends," to what did he refer? The outbreak of World War I writing to his wife on 2 August 1914

1184. Who did WSC select as literary agent for his biography of his father? Frank Harris, journalist and editor of the Evening News, Fortnightly Review, Saturday Review and Vanity Fair.

1190. In Thoughts and Adventures (Amid These Storms), what did Churchill say about making students learn English? "I would make all boys learn English.... But the only thing I would whip them for is not knowing English."

1196. To whom did Churchill donate his collection of books on his father and on the First Duke of Marlborough? To the Library of No. 10 Downing Street

1202. What was the name of the first book Churchill sat down to write? Savrola, but it was not the first published.

1208. At the presentation address to Churchill for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Mr. Siwertz of the Swedish Academy compared Churchill to what famous British personality? Benjamin Disraeli.

1214. Who was the editor of the 1968 Scribner one-volume abridged edition of Churchill's Marlborough? American historian Henry Steele Commager abridged the original edition of Marlborough.

1220. What was the title Churchill originally planned for his only novel? Affairs of State

1226. What is the name of the woman in Churchill's Savrola? Lucile

Questions from 114

1232. In Roosevelt's first correspondence to WSC, which Churchill book did FDR say he'd enjoyed reading? (L)

1238. In his first dispatch from Cuba in 1895, how did Churchill describe how insurgents destroyed sugar crops? (L)

1244. On 21 March 1900 Churchill wrote to his mother: "make sure that I get £2000 on account of the royalties." Which book was he referring to? (L)

1250. What was Churchill's original title for The World Crisis? (L)

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