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3. How many Winston Churchills are there in British political history? Three: the first Sir Winston, father of the 1st Duke of Marlborough; WSC; his grandson, Winston S. Churchill, MP

9. What happened to the Graham Sutherland portrait of Churchill given him by Parliament on his 80th birthday? Lady Churchill destroyed it.

15. What is the Churchill family motto? "Fiel Pero Desdichado" (Faithful But Unfortunate)

21. What country issued the first postage stamp depicting WSC? Colombia, 1945

27. What was WSC's favourite film? Lady Hamilton

33. Where did WSC and Lady Churchill celebrate their Golden Anniversary? At Beaverbrook's Riviera home

39. What greeting did the Churchills use to each other instead of "hello"? "Wow!"

45. Where and when did Churchill first take up the paintbrush? Hoe Farm, 1915

51. At Sir Winston's instigation, what was placed at the table if there were only 13 members of The Other Club dining? A statue of a black cat

57. Which Nobel Prize did Churchill win? Literature

63. When did Churchill become Lord Warden and Admiral of the Cinque Ports? 1946

69. Which country first granted Churchill honorary citizenship? Cuba

75. What British Admiral was Churchill's idol? Admiral Nelson

81. What was Churchill's favorite card game? Bezique

87. Name one hobby WSC retained from his boyhood, which entailed a special structure at Chartwell. Butterfly collecting

93. According to The New York Times (1898), how was part of Churchill's education paid for? "...from the rental of the house of the University Club in New York , which his mother owns."

99. What American high office holder was written about in Finest Hour three years before he became a household word? Dan Quale (FH48, pg9)

105. What year was the first effigy of Churchill displayed at Madame Tussaud's? 1908

111. Out of a class of 150, what was Churchill's standing when he graduated (passed out) from Sandhurst? 8th

117. Lord Randolph Churchill appeared only once on a stamp, on a 1974 souvenir sheet. What was the issuing country? St. Kitts

123. For whom was Blenheim Palace built? John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough

129. By tradition a ginger cat is kept at Chartwell. Its name is always ____? "Jock"

135. Name one of Churchill's London homes which now has the coveted blue china historical plaque? 28 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington

141. What year was WSC commemorated on a five-cent US stamp? 1965

147. How many coronations did Churchill attend? Three

153. "Cats look down on you; dogs look up to you; but ____ treat you as an equal." Pigs

159. When a boy, Winston had a great ambition to play which musical instrument? The cello

165. Churchill College, Cambridge, was founded in Churchill's honor to encourage which disciplines? Science and technology

171. Can you name the red automobile WSC was driving in 1911? Napier

177. In the realm of Churchill stamp collecting, what is a "Sand Dune"? Stamps produced mainly to sell collectors by the Arab Trucial States

183. When and from whom did WSC purchase Chartwell Manor? 1922, Major Campbell Colquhoun

189. Where does The Other Club meet? The Pinafore Room at the Hotel Savoy, London

195. Churchill had envisioned a hydro-electric dam at Owens Falls on the Nile when on his African journey in 1907. When was one finally built? 1954

201. Churchill would say that "a day spent away from [where?] was a day wasted." "Chartwell"

207. What was the name of the Beaverbrook's Riviera home where WSC wintered in his later years? "La Capponcina"

213. When was the House of commons rebuilt (according to WSC's specifications)? 1950

219. What was the name of the Admiralty yacht Churchill used? "The Enchantress"

222. "Do you consider the forcing of . . . by ships alone a practicable operation," was asked by WSC about the invasion of what area? The naval attack of the Dardanelles

225. The statue of Sir Winston in Parliament Square was sculpted by whom? Ivor Roberts-Jones

231. Which of his father's garments was Churchill able to wear 40 years later? His father's Chancellor of the Exchequer robes

237. Late in life Winston had a favorite animal called "Toby." What was it? A green budgerigar

243. What was the title of WSC's only naval painting? Firth of Forth

249. How old was Churchill when he became Prime Minister in 1940? 65 years old

255. When Winston was 15 his mother promised him what two things if he would stop smoking? A gun and a pony

261. How many times was Churchill on the cover of Time magazine? Eight times: 1923, 25, 39, 40, 41, 42, 50, & 51

267. From whom were the only two wreaths placed on Churchill's grave at his funeral? Clementine and Queen Elizabeth II

273. Churchill wrote that when in the Fourth Form "We were considered such dunces we could only learn (what?)..." English

279. What lady, who has written a charming book about Sir Winston, was instrumental in obtaining Churchill's honorary US citizenship? Kay Murphy Halle

285. Where were Churchill's two favorite painting venues? Cannes and Marrakech

291. What is the Churchill family motto? "Faithful but Unfortunate"

297. Who were the family members representing Churchill in Washington, DC when he received honorary American citizenship? Randolph Churchill and his son Winston

303. WSC was made Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports in 1946. Sandwich, Dover, Hythe, Romney and Hastings were the original five; name the other two. Rye and Winchelsea

309. What was the Churchills' London address in the Thirties? 11 Morpeth Mansions

315. Where was WSC when he received honorary American citizenship? Watching a satellite TV transmission in his London home

321. What flag did Churchill fly when he was at Chartwell? Cinque Ports flag

327. What year was Chartwell first opened to the public? June 1966

333. Churchill had a pet called "Rota." What kind of animal was it? A lion given to Churchill by an admirer and was housed at the London Zoo

339. Who was Mrs. Donkey Jack? A widowed gypsy who lived with Churchill's permission in the Chartwell wood.

345. What were Churchill's "golden eggs" (1940's)? The Enigma messages

351. In 1904, Winston's mother Jennie published her first book. What was the title? Reminiscences

357. How much did the Churchills pay for Chartwell in 1922? £5,000

363. In 1954, what country issued stamps containing 691 words of a speech that Churchill gave in 1907? Greece

369. London 1910: Churchill went to the scene of a criminal shoot-out" for which he was severely criticized. What was this event later dubbed? The Siege of Sydney Street

375. What traditional act did Churchill perform on Mt. Scopus when he visited Jerusalem in 1920? Planted a tree

381. Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace. After who or what was it named? After the Battle of Blenheim, Bavaria, which the First Duke won in 1704

387. What sport did Churchill call "the Emperor of Games"? Polo

393. Churchill's building of brick walls at Chartwell is well known. What other object on the grounds did he have a hand in building? The swimming pool at Chartwell

399. Why did Churchill receive the King George V Coronation Medal? Because he was a member of the King's government

405. Complete this Churchill quote: "A nation that forgets its past has no ____." "Future"

411. In 1965 London records published a set of Churchill war memoirs including unique recordings made at Chartwell in 1949. Where did they find these tapes? Churchill had the records put into a vault with the stipulation that they would not be released until after his death

417. On a visit to Canada in 1929, Churchill planted a Hawthorne tree in which city? Victoria, B.C. (Beacon Hill Park's Mayor's Grove)

423. What are the two British National Memorials to Sir Winston (not counting Chartwell, which is managed by the private National Trust)? The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (travelling fellowships), together with Churchill College Cambridge

429. When did Churchill accept the Order of the Garter? 24 April 1953

435. In his early soldiering days what stellar constellation twice guided Young Winston in the right direction? Orion

441. How many British monarchs did Churchill serve? Six monarchs: Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Elizabeth II

447. Who or what did Winston call the "flying fools"? Chartwell geese

453. In what year did Clementine become The Baroness Spencer-Churchill of Chartwell? In 1965 Clementine became a Baroness

459. What was the holster made of that WSC kept his Mauser in when in Omdurman? Wood

465. Name at least one of Churchill's London Clubs besides The Other Club. He was an honorary member of Boodles and belonged to the Reform Club as a Liberal and the Carlton Club as a Tory 471. Captain Walter H. James

471. After failing to pass his initial entrance exam for Sandhurst, to whom was Churchill sent in order to "cram" for a reexamination? To Captain James, a highly successful "crammer", who helped boys prepare successfully to take the Sandhurst entrance examination.

477. Clementine Churchill authored only one book, a thin volume published in 1945. Can you name it? My Visit to Russia

483. [It] would have been "a good ending to a chequered life, a final gift - unvalued - to an ungrateful country, an impoverishment of the war-making power of Britain which no one would ever know or mourn." What did Churchill mean by [it] in this passage he wrote in 1916? A German shell

489. Name the sculptor of the statue of WSC erected in Woodford Green, Essex, in 1959. David McFall

495. In 1945, what country issued a stamp with Churchill not only on the face, but also (in some cases) on the gummed side (along with Stalin and Roosevelt)? Colombia issued "Three Great Men" stamp errors with images of the overprint on the gummed side.

504. Cats names "Jock" have been at Chartwell since Jock Colville gave WSC a kitten in 1962. What color have they been? The Chartwell "Jocks" are ginger cats

507. What word did Churchill coin for the meeting of Soviet and Western leaders? "Summit"

513. Who did Churchill call "one of the noblest Americans who ever lived, and one of the greatest captains known in the annals of war?" General Robert E. Lee

519. Many of the trees at Chartwell were lost in the 1987 hurricane. By whose generosity were a good deal of them replaced? The Pol-Roger family

525. What was the origin of the International Churchill Society? ICS started as a study group for the American Topical Association

531. Where stands a statue of WSC with one foot on American soil and one foot on British? Washington DC

537. Churchill served in nine British regiments. Name five. 4th Hussars, 31st Punjab Infantry, 21st Lancers, South African Light Horse, Oxfordshire Hussars, Oxfordshire Yeomanry, Grenadier Guards, Royal Scots Fusiliers, and Oxfordshire Artillery

543. What gave Churchill "a feeling of tremendous conquest over space"? WSC told his wife that flying have him a feeling of "conquest over space"

549. Churchill was one of the founders of "The Other Club." What was its official purpose? To dine

555. What vintage of Pol Roger Champagne was Sir Winston's favorite? Pol Roger 1947

561. According to WSC, who (or what) "looks you straight in the eye and treats you as an equal"? A pig

567. Churchill's first regiment,the 4th Hussars, was combined with the 8th Hussars in 1958 and known as The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars. They now have been amalgamated with the Queen's Own Hussars. What is the name of the new regiment? The Queens Royal Hussars

573. What traditional symbol did the Roosevelts give the Churchills as a Christmas present in 1943 and 1944? A Christmas tree

579. What well-known American quoted Churchill saying, "Nothing is more exhilarating as to be shot at without result"? U.S. President Ronald Reagan

585. Fill in this WSC quote: "_____is like falling in love: first you are attracted to its shape ... and you must always remember never, never let the flame go out." Smoking cigars

591. "____with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days." Fill in the word. History

597. What was Churchill's "klop"? His hole puncher

603. Where did Churchill go to recuperate after he was knocked down by a motorcar in New York? Bahamas

609. When was Chartwell first opened to the public? June of 1966

615. What flag was usually flown over Chartwell? The Cinque Ports flag

621. Winston's son Randolph and grandson Winston authored a book together. Can you name it? The Six Day War, an account of the Middle East conflict

627. What special significance does Churchill's painting "Tower of Katoubia Mosque, Marrakech" have? He painted it for President Roosevelt

633. Although Winston and Clementine rarely holidayed together, in 1934 they took a cruise. Where did they go? They joined Lord and Lady Moyne aboard the yacht Rosaura for a cruise in the eastern Mediterranean

639. What is a "Churchill" cigar? "Churchill" refers to a particular shape of cigar

645. What two important decisions did Churchill say he made at Blenheim? To be born and to marry

651. What is buried under the statue of Winston Churchill at the British Embassy in Washington DC? A time capsule, to be opened by the President of the US in 2063 on the 100th Anniversary of WSC's honorary citizenship

657. As a schoolboy Churchill memorized Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome. What is meant by "lays"? Macaulay's collection of poems in ballad form (retelling legends of the beginning of the Roman republic) were the Lays of Ancient Rome

663. In what year did the United States issue a 5-cent commemorative stamp with Churchill's picture on it? 1965

669. When did the first waxwork of WSC appear at Madame Tussaud's? 1908

675. What famous landscape architect was responsible for the gardens at Blenheim Palace? Laurence "Capability" Brown

681. What institution awarded Churchill his first honorary degree? The University of Edinburgh in 1923

687. Why did the first Duke of Marlborough name his palace "Blenheim"? In 1704 the First Duke of Marlborough won a great battle against the French and Bavarians in the German village of Blenheim

693. What was special about the swimming pool WSC designed and built at Chartwell? It was heated

699. Name the American card company which produced a series using Churchill's paintings. Hallmark

705. "Indeed it has been said that [what?] is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." (House of Commons, 11 Nov. 47) Democracy

711. Why was Churchill arrested in South Africa in 1899? Winston was taken captive when the train in which he was riding was attacked by the Boers

717. In addition to despatches, what are in the Despatch Boxes used by the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons? Copies of the Old and New Testaments and the texts of the Oath of Affirmation used by Members on first taking their seats

723. What ocean liner did Churchill take across the Atlantic on his first trip to America in 1895? Etruria

729. What prevented Churchill from painting pictures of the pyramids and Sphinx during his 1920 trip to Egypt? Because of hostile crowds in Egypt, WSC rode in an armoured car and was not able to paint

735. What did Churchill write in the visitors' book at Chequers on 29 July 1945? "Finis"

741. In 1945 Columbia was the first country to honor Winston Churchill by this method. What did they do? Honor Churchill on a postage stamp

746. Which military installation did Churchill visit in the United States on 13 Nov. 1895? Lt. Churchill visited the Military Academy at West Point with Lt. Barnes on13 November 1895 and called on Col. Mills, the acting superintendent.

753. General Ismay was concerned that Churchill's staff might develop into a "Garden Suburb." What was the "Garden Suburb"? Set up by Lloyd George, its members were to keep an eye on the various Departments and keep the PM informed.

760. How much money had been allocated from the National Lottery to purchase the Churchill papers from WSC's grandson? £14.25 million

763. Which American general said of Churchill, "He was unusually well informed on American affairs, he showed a keen interest in our plans and prospects"? General John J. Pershing when he met the Minister of Munitions in 1917.

783. How did Churchill's children address Grace Hamblin? "Hambone"

785. Which newspaper press published The British Gazette? The Morning Post

786. In 1921 Churchill inherited the Garron Tower estate in County Antrim. What income did he receive in annual rent and revenues? £4000 a year income.

791. Name the Cinque Ports, of which Churchill was Lord Warden. Hastings, Romney, Hythe, Dover, and Sandwich were the original Cinque Ports.

795. Who did the Germans try to use to contact the Duke of Windsor and ask him if he would assume the throne after German victory ? Charles Bedaux, a naturalized American citizen

801. In May 1961 Sotheby's sold Churchill's painting "The Olive Tree." What was the price? £500

807. What was Churchill's favorite card game? Bezique

813. In what reference did Churchill comment, "Why do you have to have all these committee meetings"? American football game. In early 1930 he said: "Actually it is somewhat like rugby. But why do you have all these committee meetings?"

819. In 1882 Prime Minister Gladstone expressed a strong opinion about the Churchills. What was it? Gladstone's opinion was, "There never was a Churchill from John of Marlborough down that had either morals or principles."

825. Who played Winston Churchill in the film "The Wilderness Years"? Famous actor Robert Hardy

831. When and where did Sir Winston Churchill's parents first meet? Lord Randolph Churchill and Jennie Jerome met on 12 August 1873 at a reception and dance in honor of the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess Cesarevna aboard HMS Ariadne.

837. Who inspired Churchill to write the Life of Marlborough? Churchill credits Lord Rosebery and Arthur Balfour

843. How many tries did it take Churchill to get into Sandhurst? Three

849. When was Michael Collins assassinated? 22 August 1922

855. When and at what age did Churchill make his maiden political speech? 22 years old when he made his first political speech on 26 July 1897

861. What was the name of the steamer which transported Churchill from Delagoa Bay to Durban on 21-23 December 1899? Induna

867. Where can you find a memorial to Winston Churchill representing a huge bronze hand raised in a V-sign? Mougins, France

873. Name the sculptor who created the bronze statues of Roosevelt and Churchill sitting on a bench in New Bond Street, London. American sculptor Lawrence Holofcener

879. What personal airplanes did Churchill use during 1943-1945? The York LV633 named 'Ascalon' and a C54 Skymaster EW999 were assigned to Churchill

885. Which American Vice-President argued with Churchill against an Anglo-American bloc? VP Henry Wallace

891. Which Monarch told Churchill: "Antwerp and Gallipoli, both conceived by you, were in my opinion, the two strategical master-strokes of the war"? King Albert of the Belgians

897. Who was First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff when Churchill assumed the responsibility of First Lord in 1939? Admiral of the Fleet Sir Dudley Pound

903. Where is the Churchill Porch? National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.

909. When did Lord Randolph Churchill marry Jennie Jerome? 15 April 1874

915. How did Churchill compare the American Constitution with the British Socialist Party? The Constitution "declares all men to be born equal," the Socialist Party "All men must be kept equal."

921. What was the name of the architect of Blenheim? Sir John Vanbrugh

927. When did Churchill have his first heart attack ? The night of 26 December 1941 while visiting Washington, D.C.

933. What happened to his Insignia of the Garter after Churchill's death? His son returned the Garter to the Queen, as is customary; Her Majesty later loaned the Insignia for display at Chartwell

939. Which American Vice President criticized Churchill's Fulton speech, calling him "the Mephistopheles of alliances and power politics"? Vice President Henry Wallace

945. Roosevelt wanted a painting of the Big Three at Yalta and Douglas Chandor was chosen as the artist. What happened to the painting? Chandor's painting was unfinished because Stalin would not sit, sending photographs which Chandor refused to paint from.

951. Which prominent American commented: "I saw the Englishman, Winston Churchill...he is not an attractive fellow." Vice President-elect Theodore Roosevelt commented about WSC after a meeting in Albany, New York in December 1900

957. The Duke of Marlborough achieved a famous victory over the French, commanded by Marshal Villeroi in 1706 during the War of the Spanish Succession. What was the name of the town for which it was named? Ramillies in Belgium

963. On 11 Nov 98 Queen Elizabeth II unveiled a statue of Churchill. Where is the statue located? In Paris, besides the Seine

969. What vessel carried WSC's coffin up the Thames? The launch Havengore

975. What did WSC reply when asked if he had any complaints about America? "...toilet paper too thin, newspapers too fat."

981. What three heads of government met at Bermuda in 1953? President Eisenhower, Prime Minister Churchill and French Prime Minister Joseph Laniel

987. Lord Randolph Churchill placed all his papers under a trusteeship. To whom were these papers consigned upon Lord Randolph's death? to his political friend Viscount Curzon (Earl Howe) and Mr. Ernest Becket (Lord Grimthorpe).

993. What were the racing colours of Lord Randolph Churchill's (and his son's) race horses? Chocolate with pink sleeves and cap

999. Churchill's biographer, Sir Martin Gilbert, is credited with over 46 books in his latest publication, History of the Twentieth Century. How many did he write entirely about Churchill: 10, 16, 26 or 46? 16

1005. Long before extracts of Churchill's books appeared in Life magazine, he wrote many articles for another popular American weekly. What was it called? Collier's

1011. On Armistice Day 1998, Queen Elizabeth unveiled a Churchill statue in Paris. Who was the sculptor? Jean Cardot

1017. What did Churchill call the game of Polo? "Emperor of Games"

1023. Who was the American sponsor at the launch of the guided missile destroyer Winston S. Churchill? the wife of the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Janet Langhart Cohen

1029. Where is the home port of the guided missile destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill? Norfolk, Virginia

1035. One of the products developed in Churchill's "Toyshop" was the Limpet. What was it? a magnetic mine

1041. What office did Churchill, the new Prime Minister, offer his friend Robert Boothby? the post of Parliamentary Secretary to Lord Woolton, Minister of Food

1047. When is Battle of Britain Day? September 15th, when Churchill declared in 1940 that 180 German aircraft were shot down. The real total was 70, but what's a small exaggeration in wartime!

1053. On what occasion did Churchill tell his daughter Sarah: "Do what you like, but remember, like what you do"? to his daughter Sarah when she told him she would marry Vic Oliver

1059. What did Prime Minister Asquith say to Colonial Secretary Crewe about Lloyd George and Churchill? "Lloyd George has no principles and Winston no convictions."

1065. In a broadcast in October 1939 Churchill commented that "Russia is a riddle wrapped in..." what? "Russia is a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma."

1071. When was "The Other Club" established by Churchill and F. E. Smith? "The Other Club" was a dining club founded in 1911.

1077. How many years was Churchill out of Parliament after finishing fourth in a field of six in November 1922? two years.

1083. Who drew the cartoon entitled "Hold the Line," issued in late 1940 as an American propaganda poster? The "bulldog" cartoon artist's name was Henri Guignon.

1089. What was the name of the mining company where Churchill hid after his escape from South African captivity? Transvaal & Delagoa Bay Colliery at Wirbank.

1095. How did Churchill celebrate his 39th birthday? by taking flying lessons

1101. What reward did Churchill receive from Lord Roberts on 5 June 1900 for his heroic acts in the Boer War? Lord Roberts allowed WSC to ride at the head of the column which entered Pretoria, 5 Jun 1900.

1107. US. News and World Report carried an artide entitled, "Winston Churchill: The Last Hero" on 29 May 2000. Who was the author? John Keegan

1113. What was Sir Winston's favorite brand of scotch? Johnny Walker Red

1119. When Churchill moved into Ten Downing Street, which of his children moved in with him? The only child who accompanied Churchill into the Prime Minister's residence was Mary.

1125. What was the Winston's and Clementine's nickname for their daughter Marigold? "Duckadilly"

1131. What is the name of the publisher who will put all the Churchill papers on microfilm? Gale Group

1137. Who was Secretary of State for the Dominions in Churchill's wartime coalition government? Attlee, his Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary of State for the Dominions in February 1941

1143. Where was Churchill going when he was hit by a car on Fifth Avenue in New York City? Churchill was going to visit Bernard Baruch.

1149. Who joined Churchill in founding The Other Club in 1911? F. E. Smith

1155. At the 1951 General Election, for whom did the British public cast more votes, Conservatives or Labour? The Labour Party received more votes in 1951. Nevertheless, Churchill became Prime Minister, winning 321 seats to Labour's 295.

1161. Within plus or minus five years, when did Churchill become a customer of Pol Roger Champagne? Churchill had bought Pol Roger Champagne since 1908.

1167. What did Sir Winston call the "world's most drinkable address"? Pol Roger, 44 Avenue de Champagne, Epernay, "The world's most drinkable address."

1173. Who was Minister of Defence in Churchill's wartime government? Churchill retained the positions of Minister of Defence and Prime Minister.

1179. What vessel was first named "Winston Churchill," with his permission? A cutter built by Percy Coverdale and launched in 1942

1185. To whom did Churchill say, "You must have four children: one for mother, one for father, one for accidents and one for increase"? To his secretary Elizabeth Nel when she left to get married

1191. How did Churchill and George V differ concerning promotion of Admirals to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet? King George V wanted Admiralty appointments to be made entirely on seniority. Churchill insisted that they should be made based on qualifications. Churchill ultimately won.

1197. Who became Supreme Allied Commander Southeast Asia in 1943? Louis Mountbatten

1203. Churchill left several cats at 10 Downing Street when he retired. Who finally caused them to be removed and taken to Hyde Park Gate? Lady Eden had the cats removed from No. 10 Downing Street.

1209. When did Churchill learn that he was selected for the Nobel Prize? 16Oct53

1215. Who were the American and British Ambassadors in Tokyo at the outbreak of war with Japan? Joseph Grew was the American ambassador and Sir Robert Craigie represented Great Britain when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

1221. Who said, "Winston has written a huge book all about himself and called it ‘The World Crisis"'? The quote about a book "all about himself" called "The World Crisis" is ascribed to Samuel Hoare.

1227. On 14 June 1928 Churchill spoke in the House of Commons about the Revised Prayer Book. What were his comments about Church and State? Churchill said: "In the present age the State cannot control the Church in spiritual matters; it can only divorce it."

Questions from 114

1233. In 1942 Churchill's parliamentary opponents called for a vote of no confidence. What was the pretext for the parliamentary vote? (M)

1239. How were Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt related? (M)

1245. How old was Lord Randolph Churchill when he died in 1895? (M)

1251. What military rank did Churchill hold when he joined the Imperial Yeomanry (Oxfordshire Hussars) in 1902? (M)

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