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Bulletin #101 - Nov 2016

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The Chartwell Bulletin is now the Churchill Bulletin.
To increase our name recognition we have adopted a new name, but we
will continue to provide readers a monthly digest of all things Churchill

Sensational International Conference
All Panels Broadcast Live on C-SPAN
Full Conference Coverage and Details

2016 ConferenceFormer Secretary of State James A. Baker, III speaking to the 2016 Churchill Conference in the Benjamin Franklin State Dining Room
The 33rd International Churchill Conference took place on 27–29 October at the Mayflower Hotel, the US State Department, and the newly-opened National Churchill Library and Center (NCLC) at The George Washington University. More than 370 people attended including scholars, statesmen, students, journalists, and Churchillians from around the world. A conference highlight was the keynote speech by former Secretary of State James A. Baker, III following a dinner in the Benjamin Franklin State Dining Room at the State Department. All agreed that a new milestone had been reached in the history of the organization.

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Chairman Laurence Geller CBE Announces Important
Changes at 33rd International Churchill Conference

LG Speaks at StateLaurence Geller Speaking in the Benjamin Franklin State Dining Room at the State Department
The complete text of Chairman Geller’s remarks at the opening session of the 2106 Churchill Conference in Washington, D. C. on 28 October:

Today, as we gather for our thirty-third international conference, we count more than three thousand members and two-dozen chapters worldwide. Our journal Finest Hour has been published continuously since 1981. We have hosted royalty, leading politicians, journalists, authors, captains of industry, and renowned scholars—many of whom have not only spoken at our events but have contributed to our journals. Above all, we earned our reputation as the go-to organization for anyone, be it idle amateur or famed academic, with an interest in the life and legacy of Sir Winston.

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The National Churchill Library and Center
Opens at The George Washington University

NCLC ribbon cuttingICS Chairman Laurence Geller, GWU Librarian Geneva Henry, GWU President Steven Knapp, NCM Chairman Jean-Paul Montupet, ICS President Randolph Churchill
The Thirty-third International Churchill Conference culminated with the opening ceremony for the National Churchill Library and Center (NCLC) on the campus of The George Washington University in the heart of Washington, D. C. Chairman Laurence Geller of the International Churchill Society joined university president Steven Knapp, National Churchill Museum Chairman Jean-Paul Montupet, and Randolph Churchill for the official ribbon cutting.

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Michael F. Bishop Named Executive Director of International
Churchill Society and First Director of the National Churchill
Library and Center. Q & A with new Churchillian-in-Chief

Michael F. Bishop

Michael F. Bishop was named to succeed the retiring Lee Pollock as Executive Director of the International Churchill Society (ICS). Additionally, Bishop will also serve as the first Director of the National Churchill Library and Center (NCLC) located on the campus of The George Washington University. In making the announcement at the Thirty-third International Churchill Conference in Washington, D. C., Chairman Laurence Geller observed that Bishop was “a longtime member of ICS and comes to us from Strategic Investment Group, an institutional asset management company in Arlington, Virginia, where he served as chief of communications. He was also executive director of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and served as a consultant for the Steven Spielberg film about the sixteenth president.”

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Alan Watson, Churchill's Legacy: Two Speeches to Save the World
London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2016. 204pp.

Lord Watson

Winston Churchill, like many old men, very much enjoyed the sound of his own voice. Unlike most of them, he still had some important things to say at seventy-one, his age in 1946 when he delivered two famous speeches: one in February at Fulton, Missouri, and the other in Zurich, Switzerland, in September of the same year. He had recently been voted out of power in Britain but was probably the most famous person in the world at the time and was now free to accept invitations to countries less afflicted than Britain by postwar privations.

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Churchill Collectables: Canadian Pacific Railway Plaque


Handmade wartime patriotic memorabilia comprises its own recognized genre and is competitively pursued by collectors of history and art alike. These pieces are labeled “trench art” when they were made by active duty servicemen. Similarly, they are called “after hours ware” when made from shop scrap by factory workers. When made by homefront citizens, these pieces are called “folk art.” Whatever label or classification is applied, the underlying basis remains the same; someone utilized their time and skill to craft a one-of-a-kind item expressing their patriotism, loyalty, and love of country. The Churchill plaque pictured here is a fine and rare example of wartime after hours ware.

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