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Bloomsbury Publishing announces the launch of an indispensable new online resource.

ChurchillArchiveOver 800,000 documents and photographs from the Churchill Archives Centre (CAC) at Churchill College, Cambridge are now available in a new online archive. 

The Churchill Archive includes thousands of private letters, speeches, telegrams, manuscripts, government transcripts and other key historical documents online for the first time ever.

The content of the archive represents the personal papers of the wartime prime minister, including correspondence with constituents, government leaders, and important figures in British twentieth-century society. In addition to critical policies carried out during World War II, documents address the rise of the Cold War standoff with Soviet Russia, as defined in Churchill's seminal "Iron Curtain" speech.

The online collection will also include secondary materials such as pedagogical resources, and it will eventually link to selected external resources including video and audio files and biographical databases.

Designed for both teaching and research, the collection is augmented by interactive user tools and valuable teaching and supplementary resources.
The Churchill Papers collection is an Aladdin's Cave of historical riches, which it has been my privilege to explore. I strongly endorse this project, which will enable everyone to have access to Winston S. Churchill's writings and correspondence. It is a project that will bring the history of the first sixty years of the Twentieth Century, and the remarkable story of Britain's greatest Prime Minister, into the classroom and the home.  —Sir Martin Gilbert, Churchill Biographer and Special Advisor to the Churchill Archive
The Churchill Archive is an essential resource for academics, researchers, students, teachers, writers and Churchill enthusiasts.

Access is available by one-time payment or subscription. Visit the archive here

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