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Dr. Roberts gives a talk for the Tina Santi Flaharty-Winston Churchill Literary Series at Hunter College in New York City.
Andrew Roberts at Hunter College, Sep 19, 2012

Dr. Robert's lecture explored the complex and critical relationship that intertwined Churchill and Roosevelt, the civilian leaders of the two great Allies, and Lord Alanbrooke and George C. Marshall, their Chiefs of Staff. Among the subjects touched on by Dr. Roberts were the timing of the invasion of Europe, military operations in North Africa and the Mediterranean and the gradual emergence of the United States as the dominant partner in the Anglo-American alliance.

Robert's is a noted Churchill scholar and the author or editor of twelve books. He is the winner of many literary awards, including Emery Reves Award of The Churchill Center and was short listed for The Duke of Westminster's Gold Medal for Military History and The British Army Military Book Award. His most recent work, The Storm of War is on the New York Times list of the 100 Most Notable Books for 2011. Order a copy today from Amazon.com. 

This lecture, part of The Tina Santi Flaherty-Winston Churchill Literary Series, is presented in partnership with The Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College, and The Writing Center at Hunter College. The series will continue at Roosevelt House in February 2013 with historian Lynne Olson.

The Literary Series was created by and made possible the generous support of Churchill Centre Benefactor Tina Santi Flaharty. 

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