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Bulletin #76 - Oct 2014

cbheader01Publisher: Lee Pollock, Executive Director of The Churchill CentreEditor: David Freeman, Ph.D.  Contact the Editor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Prestigious Business Group Studies Historic Churchill Speeches

Economic_Club_of_ChicagoChurchill Centre Executive Director Lee Pollock and Chairman Laurence Geller CBE were featured participants at a sold-out Churchill dinner program at the prestigious Economic Club of Chicago on September 22. Founded in 1927, the Club's membership includes leading figures from the business industry in the Chicago area. In its eighty-seven year history, the Club has hosted hundreds of nationally and internationally recognized speakers including numerous heads of state and prominent political and business figures including several U.S. Presidents.

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Forbes Magazine Salutes Churchill: The Indispensable Man

Steve_ForbesSteve ForbesCommemorating the 75th anniversary of the start of the Second World War, Forbes magazine's October 20 issue includes a feature editorial by Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes lauding the indispensable role played by Winston Churchill in defying Nazi Germany in 1939-40. Forbes, a long-time Churchillian and supporter of The Churchill Centre, notes "Civilization hung in the balance and . . . only Winston Churchill's leadership kept Britain in the war when all seemed lost."

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Railway Van No. 2464 Has Long and Varied History

Churchill_Funeral_carChurchill's Funeral CarriageOne of the stranger stories that The Churchill Centre has been covering for more than forty years is the fate of the railway carriage that bore Sir Winston Churchill's body following his State Funeral at St. Paul's Cathedral in London to his final resting place in Oxfordshire on January 30 1965.  According to a story that appeared last month in the Daily Mailthe Southern Railway luggage van no. 2464 is now to be fully restored in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Churchill's death next year.

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Announcements, Events and Reports of Churchillian Activities

House_of_Commons_interiorThe Order Paper is the daily publication listing the business of the House of Commons for that day's sitting. It provides MPs with questions that have been tabled, names of members selected to speak, committee meetings, and the list of debates to be held. The Chartwell Bulletin Order Paper provides a list of upcoming meetings from local chapters of the Churchill Centre as well as reports from recent events. It also shares information on activities that may be of interest to Churchillians.

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The Churchill Book Collector Offers Important Advice.

My_African_Journey1908 First EditonCollecting books by and about Winston Churchill is a shared passion of many of the members of The Churchill Centre. The sale of such books, especially rare first editons, is the business of The Churchill Book Collector. In a recent blog, the CBC offered some important tips on how to protect and preserve your books.

Storage basics

Keep your books on clean and tidy shelves, either standing upright or lying flat. This way there is no differential pressure on the binding. For the same reason, when shelving the book, try to place it beside books of a similar size. Try to locate your bookshelves in a place with fairly constant and reasonable temperature and humidity – like the inside of most modern homes. Make sure your shelves are out of direct sunlight.

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Set Includes Eight Notable Prime Ministers
Churchill Stamp Available in Collectible First Day Covers


The Royal Mail has issued a new set of stamps that includes Winston Churchill and seven other notable British prime ministers. The stamps depicting the four prime ministers who served in the twentieth century, including Churchill, have been assigned first-class postage value. Churchill has previously been featured on Royal Mail stamps following his death in 1965 and on the one hundredth anniversary of his birth in 1974 as well as in 2006 and 2010.

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Dinner at Ditchley Followed by Dinner at Blenheim
Ditchley_ParkDitchley Park
The 2015 International Churchill Conference will begin on Tuesday, May 26th with a dinner at Ditchley Park. During the Second World War when the moon was full, the Prime Minister took his weekends not at Chequers (thought too vulnerable to enemy air attack) but at Ditchley Park, the country home of Ronald and Nancy Tree north of Oxford. The home is not usually open to the public, but The Churchill Centre UK has secured a rare opportunity for members to visit.

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