Finest Hour 172

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Churchill as a Literary Character: WSC in Fiction

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 50 Review by Michael McMenamin Mark Woodburn, The Finest Years & Me, Valley Press, 2015,  320 pages, $13.00. ISBN 978-1908853561 Portrayal of Churchill *** Worth Reading ** The Finest Years & Me is a sequel of sorts to Mark Woodburn’s excellent first novel Winston & Me [reviewed FH 160] […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – All about Hope

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 49 Review by Robert Courts Churchill’s Secret, First broadcast by ITV on 29 February 2016 Sir Michael Gambon as Churchill in Churchill’s SecretChurchill’s Secret is an adaptation of Jonathan Smith’s 2015 novel The Churchill Secret, KBO (reviewed FH 168), with an all-star cast, and shot in part on location […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Divine Intervention?

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 48 Review by Robert Courts Jonathan Sandys and Wallace Henley, God & Churchill, Tyndale Momentum, 2015, 352 pages, $26.99. ISBN 978-1496406026 When St Martin’s Church, Bladon decided to install a stained glass window to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Churchill’s death, the most thorny question was how to commemorate—in […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – The Finest Hour Revisited

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 47 Review by Robert Courts Robin Prior, When Britain Saved the West, Yale University Press, 2015, 360 pages, $35 / £20. ISBN 978-0300166620 When I was young, I remember a book by Herbert Agar, Britain Alone, left lying on the stairs by my parents. I was intrigued by the […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – The War at Sea

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 46 Review by Kevin D. McCranie Jonathan Dimbleby, The Battle of the Atlantic: How the Allies Won the War, Viking, 2015, 560 pages, £17. ISBN 978-0241186602 The Battle of the Atlantic, the longest sustained campaign of the European theater in the Second World War, began with the outbreak of […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – The Long Struggle

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 46 Review by Kevin Matthews Ian Kershaw, To Hell and Back: Europe 1914–1949, Viking, 2015, 593 pages, $35.00. ISBN: 978-0670024582. A young Winston Churchill wrote in 1901: “The wars of peoples will be more terrible than those of kings.” The next fifty years proved he was right, and it […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Churchill Old and New in the Digital Domain

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 45 Review by Catherine Katz All of the books described in this review can be found through online sites such as Amazon. There are various statistics floating around in the public domain that predict the demise of print books. In 2011, Amazon reported that e-books outsold print books for […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – The Top Tories

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 44 Review by David Hudson Charles Clarke, Toby James, Tim Bale, and Patrick Diamond, editors, British Conservative Leaders, Biteback Publishing, 2015, 384 pages. ISBN 978-1849549219 This study of the leadership of the British Conservative Party illustrates what happens when political scientists are permitted to forage in pastures historians have […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – The Iron Lady

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 43 Review by John Campbell Charles Moore, Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography. Volume Two: Everything She Wants, Allen Lane, 821 pages, £30. ISBN 978-0713992885 Just three years after her death, Margaret Thatcher ranks second only to Churchill as the towering figure of twentieth-century Britain. The second instalment of Charles […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Une Grande Dame

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 42 Review by Antoine Capet Philippe Alexandre and Béatrix de l’Aulnoit, Clementine Churchill: La femme du Lion, Paris: Tallandier / Robert Laffont, 2015, 397 pages, €21.50. ISBN 979–1021007406 By coincidence, two new books on Clementine Churchill appeared, one on each side of the English Channel, in 2015. In addition […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Not Just Hot Air

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 41 Review by Chris Sterling Leon Bennett, Churchill’s War Against the Zeppelin 1914–18: Men, Machines and Tactics, Helion, 2015, 406 pages, $59.95. ISBN 978-1909982840 Long interested in both airship history and Churchill, I had high expectations for this book that melds both topics. To a great extent they were […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Our Man at the Front

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 40 Review by Chris Sterling Simon Read, Winston Churchill Reporting: Adventures of a Young War Correspondent, Da Capo Press, 2015, 309 pages, $26.99. ISBN 978-0306823817 Read, a former California journalist born in England, begins his book with a clear disclaimer: “I don’t consider this a biography or a work […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Picture This

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 39 Review by Paul Addison Max Arthur, Churchill, The Life: An Authorised Pictorial Biography, Cassell Illustrated, 2015, 272 pages, £25.00. ISBN 978-1844038596 Churchill’s life was extraordinarily rich in visual imagery. He loved the camera and the camera loved him, as did cartoonists and portrait painters. His face exhibited a […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – To Protect and to Serve

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 38 Review by John H. Maurer Larry Arnn, Churchill’s Trial: Winston Churchill and the Salvation of Free Government, Thomas Nelson Books, 2015, 240 pages, $22.99. ISBN 978-1595555304 Churchill’s Trial by Larry Arnn is a must-have book for anyone who wants to know more about Sir Winston Churchill, the challenges […]

Action This Day Winter 1891, Spring 1916, Spring 1941

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016 Page 36 By Michael McMenamin 125 Years ago Winter 1891 • Age 16 “Your Tooth Tormented…Son” In April, Winston came down with “an awful toothache” and wrote to his nanny Mrs. Everest to make an appointment with the dentist, which she promptly did. He wrote to his mother that his […]

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