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Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 50 From right to left: ICS Chairman Laurence Geller, GWU Dean of Libraries Geneva Henry, GWU President Steven Knapp, ICS Vice-Chairman Jean-Paul Montupet, ICS President Randolph ChurchillThe National Churchill Library and Center (NCLC) officially opened on the campus of The George Washington University in the heart of Washington, D. […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Churchill as a Literary Character: WSC in Fiction

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 49 Susan Elia MacNeal, The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent, Bantam, 2014, 306 pages, $16. ISBN 978–0345536747 Review by Michael McMenamin Portrayal of Churchill **1/2 Worth Reading *** The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent is the fourth book in the Maggie Hope series to be reviewed in Finest Hour. The first […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Who’s Laughing Now?

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 48 Colin Holmes, Searching for Lord Haw-Haw: The Political Lives of William Joyce, Routledge, 2016, 494 pages, $24.95/£14.98. ISBN 978-1138888869 Review by Mark Klobas Mark Klobas teaches history at Scottsdale College in Arizona and hosts a podcast for the New Books Network. During the Second World War, millions of […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – “He Painted the Things He Loved”

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 47 Edwina Sandys, Winston Churchill: A Passion for Painting, Donning, 2015, 128 pages, $49.95. ISBN 978–1681840109 What I love about this book is the love within it. Edwina Sandys is not only a granddaughter of Sir Winston, she is herself a professional artist. “People frequently ask me if my […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Quick Looks: Intimations of Inexactitude

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 46 Tom Curran, Grand Deception: Churchill and the Dardanelles, Big Sky Publishing, 2015, 416 pages, $29.95. ISBN 978–1925275001 Iain Sproat, Adam Sykes, Pat Morgan, editors, The Wit & Wisdom of Sir Winston Churchill, G2 Entertainment, 2015, 134 pages, £8.99, $14.95. ISBN 978–1909040052 Review by David Freeman David Freeman is […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Master of the House

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 45 Leslie Hossack, Charting Churchill: An Architectural Biography of Sir Winston Churchill, 2016, CAD $196.49. Available exclusively online at Review by Stefan Buczacki Professor Stefan Buczacki is the author of Churchill and Chartwell: The Untold Story of Churchill’s Houses and Gardens (2007). His latest book is My Darling […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Hall of Ivy

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 45 David Cannadine, Heroic Chancellor: Winston Churchill and the University of Bristol, 1919–65, Institute of Historical Research, 2016, 78 pages, $15. ISBN 978-1909646186 Review by Christopher Sterling Of the many “Churchill and…” or “The Untold Story of…” titles, this brief book really is an untold story of one aspect […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Atomic Action

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 44 Kevin Ruane, Churchill and the Bomb in War and Cold War, Bloomsbury, 2016, 402 pages, $34.95. ISBN 978–1472523389 Review by Christopher Sterling Chris Sterling, recently retired after thirty-five years of teaching and administration at George Washington University, is a frequent reviewer for Finest Hour. One of those relatively […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Double Indemnity

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 43 Alan Watson, Churchill’s Legacy: Two Speeches to Save the World, Bloomsbury, 2016, 204 pages, $25/£16.99. 978–1408880210 Review by Peter Clarke Peter Clarke’s new book, The Locomotive of War: Money, Empire, Power and Guilt, will be published in February by Bloomsbury in London and New York. Winston Churchill, like […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – The Birth of a Legend

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 42 Candice Millard, Hero of the Empire: The Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill, Doubleday, 2016, 400 pages, $30. 978–0385535731 Review by Con Coughlin Con Coughlin is the author of Churchill’s First War (2013). When the young Winston Churchill set off to cover the […]

Action This Day Autumn 1891, Autumn 1916, Autumn 1941

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 40 By Michael McMenamin 125 Years ago Autumn 1891 • Age 17 “He is just at the ‘ugly’ stage” Lady Randolph had written Lord Randolph in late July that Winston “has improved very much in looks.” She wrote to him again on 25 September that “on the whole he […]

Leadership This Day

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 38 By Eleanor Laing “Leadership This Day” illustrates how Winston Churchill’s example guides and motivates today’s leaders. Contributors come from many fields, including business, politics, and the military. Every day, as I sit in the Speaker’s Chair in the Chamber of the House of Commons, I am acutely aware […]

Winston Wept: The Extraordinary Lachrymosity and Romantic Imagination of Winston Churchill

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 34 By Andrew Roberts Andrew Roberts is the author of many books, including, most recently, the major new biography Napoleon. His next book will be a full-scale biography of Churchill. This article is adapted from his speech to the 33rd International Churchill Conference in Washington, D. C., 29 October […]

Churchill and the Silver Screen: Film Turns the Tide

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 30 By David Lough David Lough is the author of No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money (2015). He received the International Churchill Society’s 2016 Somervell Award for Outstanding Original Contribution to Finest Hour. Note: All sums of money earned by Winston Churchill from film are given in the […]

Churchill: Adviser and Contributor to Lady Randolph’s Quarterly Miscellany – The Anglo-Saxon Review

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016 Page 26 By Fred Glueckstein Fred Glueckstein is the author of Churchill and Colonist II (2015). Lady Randolph Churchill loved the literary world. She particularly enjoyed meeting American authors who visited England and often spoke with delight a story of her friend Mark Twain. Lady Randolph told of a London […]

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