Finest Hour 175

Leading Myths – Chartwell “Manor”

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 50 By Stefan Buczacki ChartwellA common trap that people fall into is to refer to Winston Churchill’s beloved country estate in Kent as “ Chartwell Manor.” Even Mary Soames in her wonderful memoir A Daughter’s Tale made this error. It is true the house was informally, but only ever […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – The Noblest Roman

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 48 Mark A. Stoler and Daniel D. Holt, eds., The Papers of George Catlett Marshall, volume 7, “The Man of the Age,” October 1, 1949–October 16, 1959, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016, 1200 pages, $90. ISBN 978–1421419626 Review by William I. Hitchcock William I. Hitchcock is Professor of History […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Revisionist Redux

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 47 Daniel Todman, Britain’s War: Into Battle, 1937–1941, Allen Lane, 2016, 848 pages, £30. ISBN 978–0713999273 Review by Mark Klobas Mark Klobas teaches history at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona and hosts a podcast for the New Books Network. Daniel Todman’s Into Battle is the first half of an […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Mauvais appétit

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 46 Catherine Heyrendt-Sherman, Winston Churchill: Biographie gourmande series. Paris: Payot-Rivages, 2016, 160 pages, €15. ISBN: 978– 2228916547 Review by Antoine Capet Antoine Capet is Professor Emeritus of British Studies at the University of Rouen. The “Churchill industry” does not only operate in the Anglophone publishing world. France has seen a […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – C’est beau, mais c’est faux

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 45 Philipp Gut, Champagner mit Churchill: Der Zürcher Farbenfabrikant Willy Sax und der malende Premierminister, Stämpfli Verlag, 2015, 176 pages, €39.00. ISBN 978–3727214554 Review by Werner Vogt Werner Vogt is the author of Winston Churchill und die Schweiz reviewed in FH 173. When Winston Churchill visited Switzerland in the […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Black Dog

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 44 Walter Attenborough, Churchill and the “ Black Dog ” of Depression: Reassessing the Biographical Evidence of Psychological Disorder, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, 247 pages, $39.99. ISBN: 978–1137462299 Review by Martin Garfinkle Martin Garfinkle is a professor in the Health and Human Services Department at New York City College of […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Time, Gentlemen, Please

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 43 Adrian Phillips, The King Who Had to Go: Edward VIII, Mrs Simpson and the Hidden Politics of the Abdication Crisis, Biteback Publishing, 2016, 394 pages, £25. ISBN 978–1785900259 Review by John Campbell John Campbell’s books include major biographies of F. E. Smith, Aneurin Bevan, Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, […]

Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Royal Revels

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 42 Review by Sonia Purnell The Crown, season one, produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television, distributed by Netflix, initial release date 4 November 2016. Sonia Purnell is the author of First Lady: The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill (2015). Her article about Clementine starts on […]

Action This Day – Winter 1892, Winter 1917, Winter 1942

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 40 By Michael McMenamin 125 Years ago Winter 1892 • Age 17 “The food is very queer….” Given the protracted battle Winston had waged with his mother to avoid spending the Christmas holidays with a French family as his Head Master had recommended (“he has bombarded me with letters […]

THE FULTON REPORT – From the National Churchill Museum A Note, or Two Notes, to Pamela Plowden

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 38 A Note, or Two Notes, to Pamela Plowden Following the tragic death of their two-year-old daughter Marigold in 1921, Winston and Clementine Churchill received numerous letters of sympathy. One letter of condolence arrived from Pamela Plowden (see p. 15), to whom Winston had proposed marriage in 1899. She […]

Signed Portrait

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 36 The original version of this article first appeared in Military History Monthly magazine issue 74 (November 2016) and online at The only other portrait of Churchill that he is known to have signed himself is “ Winston Churchill at His Easel Painting the Mill at Dreux ” by […]

“Monarchical No.1” – Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 32 By Roddy MacKenzie Roddy Mackenzie is a retired Canadian lawyer, enthusiastic monarchist, and lifelong Churchill admirer. This article is based on his 2016 address to the Rt Hon Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Society of British Columbia. Churchill greets the Queen, while Clement Attlee and his wife Violet look […]

My Maiden Speech

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 31 By Robert Courts Robert Courts, who helped to organize the 2015 Churchill Conference in Oxfordshire and is a frequent contributor to Finest Hour, was chosen to fill the parliamentary seat of former Prime Minister David Cameron in a by-election held last October. Robert lives in Bladon, only a […]

A Day at Chartwell

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 26 “A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted.” — Winston S. Churchill By Edwina Sandys Edwina Sandys is a painter and sculptor. A granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill, she is the author of Winston Churchill: A Passion for Painting (2015), reviewed in FH 174. This article (A […]

Sarah Churchill: More Than a Thread

Finest Hour 175, Winter 2017 Page 22 By Catherine Katz Catherine Katz earned degrees in history at Harvard and Cambridge. She is working on a biography of Sarah Churchill. Sarah Churchill was the essence of the modern woman living in an era that was not yet ready for her. Judged in her day as a […]

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