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The Churchill Companion available now. 

The Churchill Companion offers more then two dozen categories of ready-reference information on the life and times of Sir Winston S. Churchill. 

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A complete list (arranged by date) of Churchill's 43 book-length works in 72 volumes, published over the course of his lifetime (1874-1965) and posthumously. When titles are divided by a slashmark, the second title is the American, the first the English.

Bibliographic numbers are from Frederick Woods's Bibliography of the Works of Sir Winston Churchill (Second revised edition, St. Paul's Bibliographies, Winchester, England 1979).  A Connoisseur's Guide to the Books of Sir Winston Churchill, by Richard Langworth identifies through profuse illustrations and descriptive text the various English and foreign editions, and appraise their value and aesthetic desirability.

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Compiled and annotated by Douglas J. Hall

In declaring Winston Churchill an Honorary Citizen of the United States, President Kennedy said (quoting Ed Murrow), "He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle." The President was referring in particular to 1940, but Churchill’s stimulating use of his native language was constant throughout his long and distinguished life. Language has two forms, written and spoken. Churchill was a master of both. As a journalist, essayist, author, novelist, historian, biographer, editor, correspondent, communicator, conversationalist and speaker he had few equals in any one of those fields, much less all of them. He has been described as a law unto himself in his use of words, as in so many other matters.

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To answer frequently asked questions, we publish the rules governing copyright to Sir Winston's Works.

1. Non-Commercial Use

The copyright in Sir Winston Churchill's papers, literary works and those papers of which he was the author, did not form part of the recent purchase by the British Government, but remains (under the terms of Sir Winston's will) the property of the heirs to his Literary Estate, except where it has been separately assigned. No charge is made in the case of reproduction for private academic research, not for publication. Certain charitable or non-profit organisations such as The Churchill Centre may be granted the right to reproduce (with acknowledgement) copyright material free of charge.

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