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To answer frequently asked questions, we publish the rules governing copyright to Sir Winston's Works.

1. Non-Commercial Use

The copyright in Sir Winston Churchill's papers, literary works and those papers of which he was the author, did not form part of the recent purchase by the British Government, but remains (under the terms of Sir Winston's will) the property of the heirs to his Literary Estate, except where it has been separately assigned. No charge is made in the case of reproduction for private academic research, not for publication. Certain charitable or non-profit organisations such as The Churchill Centre may be granted the right to reproduce (with acknowledgement) copyright material free of charge.

2. Commercial Use

In the usual way, any use of copyright material for commercial publication requires a license issued by Curtis Brown Group Ltd, the UK literary agents, who handle the copyright of the Estate of Sir Winston Churchill. The fee will vary depending on the scale and importance of the publication involved, but a rough guideline is £175 per 1000 words.

By far the simplest route is to go to their website here, fill in the form, and send it to the ‘Churchill Permissions' email address indicated there and above. It takes 4-6 weeks to process requests.


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