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"'Why study Churchill?,' I am often asked.  'Surely he has nothing to say to us today?'  Yet in my own work, as I open file after file of Churchill's archive, from his entry into government in 1905 to his retirement in 1955 (a fifty-year span) I am continually surprised by the truth of his assertions, the modernity of his thought, the originality of his mind, the constructiveness of his proposals, his humanity, and, most remarkable of all, his foresight."

--Sir Martin Gilbert

[ "Official" means only that Gilbert had complete access to Churchill's family and his papers; no volume required approval from the Churchill family or his estate before publication." ]

The mission of The Churchill Centre is to educate new generations on the leadership, statesmanship, vision, and courage of Winston Spencer Churchill. Educators are important partners in this task.

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