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NEH Teacher Institute: WSC and the Anglo-American Relationship


neh_color_logoThis event was held in 2010. A similar event may be held in the future.
With an American mother and a British father, Winston Churchill referred to himself as "an English-Speaking Union in my own person." By the time of his death in 1965, President Lyndon Johnson was calling him "that great American." The Churchill Centre welcomes your interest in our three-week NEH Summer Institute "Winston Churchill and the Anglo-American Relationship,"  held in Cambridge and London, England, from July 11 to 31, 2010. We spent the first two weeks at the Churchill Archives, Churchill College, Cambridge, and the final week in London.

The study of Churchill remains a vital force in political and historical scholarship today because Churcfh144hill's life, writings, and political career continue to fascinate citizens, scholars, and statesmen, and to provide them with sources of reflection. This Institute seeks participants who are curious about Churchill and who possess a keen interest in original documents and historical research. Visits to important Churchill sites will provoke the interest of participants and deepen their understanding of his life and career.

Churchill College, University of Cambridge, is a ten-minute walk from the center of historic Cambridge, located north-northeast of London, approximately one and a half hours by train. It is a fascinating medieval city, and participants will be able to use their free time to explore the various Colleges, museums, art galleries, churches, and other historic sites. From punting on the River Cam, to attending productions of the UK's best-loved open-air Shakespeare Festival (13 July - 29 August), to enjoying any of more than 100 pubs within the city's boundaries, splendid opportunities abound for every interest. Our first weekend in Cambridge remains completely free for exploration of the city or surrounding countryside. During our final week in England, we will be staying at Goodenough College, in a quiet corner of Mecklenburgh Square in the heart of London, which offers a convenient and comfortable hub from which our forays to various Churchill sites, by train, tube, or private coach, will be relatively easy.