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Research Paper Competition


The Churchill Centre
An Annual Research Paper Award for American Secondary School Students


This Program Has Been Discontinued

Please Enjoy Reading the 2012 and 2013 Winning Papers 


"I soon experienced a real pleasure in the task of writing."


Dear Teachers,

The Churchill Centre in the United States seeks to reward and to publish exemplary high-school history research papers with a focus on Winston Churchill or his works. Authors should seek to examine an aspect of Churchill's life or works in the context of his times. Such an approach might necessarily include analysis of, for example: his colleagues, both friends and adversaries; important political questions and events, both domestic and international; diplomatic issues; economics; or his speeches and writing.


Three scholarships will be awarded in the amounts of $1000, $500 and $250 and winners will be announced annually on Churchill's birthday, November 30th. 2013. Research papers must be submitted by September 15, 2013, which will allow ample time for revisions to promising papers submitted to teachers near the conclusion of the previous academic year (May/June 2013). (Papers are eligible for submission until September 15 following the author's graduation from secondary school.) Schools may submit no more than five papers each year.


All students who submit a research paper will receive a one-year membership to The Churchill Centre, including a digital subscription to Finest Hour, The Journal of Winston Churchill, published quarterly.


The paper must demonstrate that the student has undertaken research, collected evidence and selected information using appropriate methodology; has interpreted evidence and drawn well-supported conclusions; and has written a finished piece of work. Biographical recitations will not suffice.

The Churchill Centre, since 1968 a 501(c)(3) organization devoted to educating new generations on the leadership, statesmanship, vision and courage of Winston Spencer Churchill (1874-1965), welcomes papers from American secondary school students whose course requirements include a research paper, but also from motivated students who wish to complete such a project independently. We urge students working independently to seek a faculty or community mentor. We urge you to encourage your diligent and motivated students to accept the challenge of this opportunity. By submitting their papers, authors give permission for their work to be published online at The Churchill Centre may publish award-winning research papers for educational purposes.


We seek history research papers of the caliber published by The Concord Review, the only quarterly journal in the world to publish the academic work of secondary students, and a great friend of The Churchill Centre. By prior agreement with Will Fitzhugh, Founder/Editor of The Concord Review, papers submitted to The Churchill Centre remain eligible for submission to The Concord Review. To review the style of paper we seek, see here.


We welcome the opportunity to consider a student's best work.


Suzanne Sigman
Educational Initiatives

Past Competition Winners

2013 Lauren Souter
To What Extent was Churchill's Success in Times of War the Reason he was Defeated in the 1945 Election?
2012 Sarah Howells
Winston Churchill's Efforts to Unify Britain 1940-1941
See the paper as it appeared in Finest Hour: The Journal of Winston Churchill - edited by FH's editor, Richard M. Langworth

Guidelines for 2013 Research Paper

2013 Churchill Centre Research Paper Submission Form