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Getting Started on Churchill - Annotated List

The Churchill Centre's website at is an excellent resource, particularly as an aid to thinking about a research topic. The site features a large selection of Churchill's speeches in both written and audio formats, an introductory biography, hundreds of articles, "Leading Churchill Myths" and much, much more.

Past issues of Finest Hour, the Churchill Centre's quarterly journal, are archived on The Churchill Centre's website (select Publications) at Issues older than one year are available to the public upon completion of free registration. Scholars and members from around the world contribute articles and reviews to the journal.

An unusual fact is that Churchill has an "Official Biography," referred to by aficionados as "the O.B.": Winston S. Churchill by Randolph Churchill (volumes I and II) and British historian Sir Martin Gilbert (Volumes III-VIII). In addition, the first six volumes have companion volumes of related documents. Read about the biography and the meaning of "official."


Books Written by Churchill

A complete list (arranged by date) of Churchill's 43 book-length works in 72 volumes.


The Fifty Best Books of the Last Forty Years

An annotated list of best books ABOUT Churchill, published in Finest Hour 140 (Autumn 2008, p. 22), the Fortieth Anniversary issue.


Churchill Web Sites

Web sites and more web sites: educational, locations central to Churchill's life, books and memorial organizations.


Chart of Churchill's Achievements

This is a neat chronological summary of his publications and his executive offices, including an assessment of his major initiatives and challenges. Do you agree with the assessments? The original Churchill "cheat sheet."


The British Parliamentary System In the Age of Churchill by Don Graeter

This basic information will help you understand Churchill's political environment. Episodes from Churchill's life illustrate the System.