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About the Centre


"Remember Winston Churchill"

Established in 1994 as a successor to International Churchill Society of the United States.Earl Mountbatten of Burma

The first Patron of the International Churchill Societies was Admiral of the Fleet The Earl Mountbatten of Burma. The Lady Soames LG DBE, Sir Winston Churchill's youngest daughter was patron from 1984 until her death in 2014.

Among our original honorary members were The Baroness Clementine Spencer-Churchill; Randolph S. Churchill; The Rt. Hon. The Lord Stockton (Harold Macmillan); The Hon. W. Averell Harriman; Sir John Colville; The Rt. Hon. The Lord Soames (Christopher Soames); Sir John Martin; Anthony Montague Browne.

In 1995, responding to an appeal by Lady Soames, over 600 people around the world became Founding Members of the Churchill Centre.

Since then The Churchill Centre has been active in promoting its mission with International Churchill Conferences in various conferences around the world.  In 1998 a Theme Conference on Churchill and Eisenhower was held in Gettysburg, PA.  From February 5 to June 28, 2004, the Churchill Archives, Churchill College, Cambridge, England, and the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, presented an exhibition of Churchill papers, documents and artifacts at the Library of Congress, Washington.  The Churchill Centre funded the publication of a related booklet and sponsored two Symposia at the Library of Congress as part of this exhibition.

The Churchill Centre has a presence in the education of students. In addition to having students attend our International Conferences, the Manard E. Pont Seminar was held in 1997 at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, in California. In 2001 a seminar on "Winston Churchill: A Leadership Model for the 21st Century" was held, in partnership with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute of Wilmington, DE, on The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA.  Undergraduate and graduate seminars have been held in Seattle (2006), California (2009), and Chicago (2009).

Academic Scholarship is promoted at academic symposia: 1994, in partnership with the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars, the First Nation's Capital Churchill Symposium (published as Churchill as Peacemaker); 1996, also in partnership with the Wilson Centre, the Second Nation's Capital Churchill Symposium (to be published as Churchill in the Post-War Years) and also in 1996, in partnership with the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library at Westminster College, Fulton MO (published as Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech: Fifty Years Later); 1998, a Marlborough Symposium at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England (to be published as Winston Churchill's Marlborough: His Life and Times).

A series of one-day, complementary high school teacher seminars began in Washington in the Fall of 2005, and as of 2009 twelve such programs have been held from Seattle to Boston and from Chicago to San Antonio.  A two week high school Teacher Institute was held at the Ashbrook Center, Ashland, Ohio, in the summer of 2006 funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and co-sponsored with the Ashbrook Center.  The Churchill Centre organized a three-week Institute was held at Churchill College, Cambridge, England, and in London, during the summer of 2008, also funded by NEH.  Working in conjunction with Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI, a two-day teacher seminar was held on their campus in April 2009.

The Proceedings of International Churchill Conferences, previously published biennially and now included within the Centre's journal, Finest Hour, are unique documents of original scholarship or personal experiences. The Churchill Centre also sponsors sessions related to Churchill at the annual meetings of the American Political Science Association.

The Churchill Centre has been active in publishing since the Hon. Caspar Weinberger's Churchill, An Uncomfortable Hero in 1986 to the republication of Richard Langworth's A Connoisseur's Guide to the Books of Sir Winston Churchill and Douglas Russell's The Orders, Decorations and Medals of Sir Winston Churchill and the republication of Churchill's own book, The River War. The Churchill Centre has made these, in addition to those of many other authors, available to the public through The Churchill Book Club.

Members of The Churchill Centre receive the quarterly Finest Hour, which includes all conference and other event proceedings, and the periodic newsletter Chartwell Bulletin.

The Centre began with an initial endowment of $100,000, contributed in equal parts by the International Churchill Society of the United States and its own Founding Members. That endowment has grown to over $1 million. Our continued success depends on the continued growth of our Endowment Fund and our annual Heritage Fund Appeal.

You can be part of this exciting venture!

The Churchill Centre is a registered non-profit corporation in the United States of America.  IRS No. 02-0482584. 

For information about membership or to find out how to support our endowment through our Associates Program, please contact:

Lee Pollock, Executive Director USA
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