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Historian Warren Kimball Lecutres at the Washington History Seminar (Video or Audio)

Churchill Centre academic advisor Warren Kimball at the National History and Wilson Center's on Churchill and Roosevelt.

Warren Kimball edited Churchill & Roosevelt: The Complete Correspondence, published by Princeton University Press in 1984. In his presentation to the January 30 edition of the Washington History Seminar, he reflected on the problems he faced in compiling letters and other communications, on research in the pre-computer age, and on his thoughts about the two men and their policies when he was working on the book. How have his interpretations and perspectives shifted—or not? What is the ultimate value of such correspondence? He gave his present assessment of Roosevelt and Churchill, and inquired into what have become in some quarters unpopular concepts of "leadership" and "great men in history." 

For the audio or video of this talk, follow this link.