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Churchill Centre Associates

How You Can Become a Partner in a Great Venture:
Maintaining the Record of the Man of the Century

The Churchill Centre Associates Program is designed for all who wish to be part of this exciting venture by donating $10,000 or more to assure a continued future for program and activities of The Churchill Centre.  Our Patron, Lady Soames, has authorized the naming of three Associate levels.  All Associates will have their names engraved on a plaque in the reception room of The Churchill Centre to commemorate their faith and generosity.

  • Winston Churchill Associates (Gifts of $50,000 and up).  Their names will appear at the Centre, on all publications of the Centre, and on the programs of all events sponsored by the Centre forever.  From the $100,000 level up there are many named gift opportunities, including a large variety of programs; the library and other rooms of the Centre; and The Churchill Centre building itself.
  • Clementine Churchill Associates (Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999).  Their names will appear at the Centre and on all publications of the Centre forever.
  • Mary Soames Associates (Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999).  Their names will appear at the Centre, as described above.

Churchill Centre Associates may remit their chosen amounts in self-determined installments over four years, and it is possible, now and in the future, to move to a higher level through an additional gift.  Those pledging more than $10,000 may defer any amount over $10,000 through a bequest or later gift.  For example, one may become a Winston Churchill Associate with a gift of $10,000 now, coupled with a bequest of $40,000 substantiated in a memorandum of understanding and a copy of the applicable bequest.  Associate names may include the name of a spouse.

The Churchill Centre is a registered non-profit institution in the United States and contributions to the Endowment Fund are 100% tax-deductible.  Canadians may contribute at similar tax-deductibility through the International Churchill Society, Canada, which is handling the Canadian Endowment Campaign and assists in the organizing of Centre events in Canada.