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In Memoriam

"We Have Not Yet Reckoned Our Debt"

25 JANUARY 1965

CHURCHILL is dead, gone from the world he saved. And the world he saved, distracted still by the flow and eddy of modern events, has not yet reckoned its debt to him. Perhaps that sum cannot be reckoned up, so great it is. Our very troubles of this time derive from that more nearly mortal evil which Churchill fought and ended.

Are the emerging nations irritated and frustrated at what they take to be survivals of Colonialism? Had it not been for Churchill, they would have been spared their hurt feelings, for they would never have emerged at all.

Does France grow restive at the failure of the nations to see her glory? The question would not have arisen without Churchill to fight for a France that had been given up for lost.

Are Americans troubled with the problems of a superpower? They'd have been spared their troubles had not Churchill stood when all else fell.

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