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5. "I have watched this famous Island descending the staircase". . . (to what)? "A dark gulf"

11. How old was WSC when Edward VII appointed him a Privy Councillor? 32

17. How many governments did Churchill form? Three: 1940 Coalition, May 1945 Caretaker Govt., 1951 Conservative

23. What were Churchill and the young Tory malcontents called in 1901? "The Hughligans" after Lord Hugh Cecil

29. What was the subject of WSC's maiden political speech? Workmen's Compensation Bill (Bath 1897)

35. What business men were used to undermine Churchill's campaign against Dominion status in India? Lancashire (their cotton interests)

41. What was (is) Tonypandy? A mining town in Wales, scene of a strike in 1910

47. When did WSC call the idea of war between Britain and Germany "nonsense"? 1908

53. What three things did Churchill say were the great ties which bind the English-Speaking Peoples? Law, language and literature

59. In 1919, Churchill became Secretary of State for what? War and Air

65. What did WSC become president of in 1908? The Board of Trade

71. How many times did Churchill "cross the floor"? Twice

77. What position did Churchill hold in the Asquith government in 1910? Home Secretary

83. What eventually catapulted Churchill's political career? His epic escape from the prison in Pretoria

89. To what was WSC referring when he said, "a cancer eating out the heart of the people"? Unemployment

95. What venerable governmental position did Churchill hold twice? First Lord of The Admiralty (1911-15 & 1939-40)

101. With whom did Churchill have disputes about the future of Europe at the 1954 Berlin Conference? Chancellor Konrad Adenauer

107. How old was Sir Winston when he announced that he would not again stand for Parliament? 88

113. On what naval issue did WSC and King George V often disagree? The naming of ships

119. Where and when did WSC make his maiden speech? Bath, 1897

125. In 1910 Mr. Churchill ran in Dundee and won. Who challenged WSC to run against him in Manchester that year? Bonar Law

131. "Nothing in the Rules of the Club shall interfere with the rancour and asperity of party politics" refers to what Club? The Other Club

137. What common design did WSC eschew in favor of oblong seating in the rebuilt House of Commons? semi-circular

143. Throughout his life Churchill would compare his career positions to what well-known figure? Napoleon

149. What governmental position did WSC hold that was the same as his father? Chancellor of the Exchequer

155. ". . . to prevent as many people from getting there at all," was Churchill's first principle of what 1910 reform? Prison

161. What three social reforms did WSC support state-sponsored insurance programs for in 1910 (have things changed)? Sickness, unemployment and old age

167. "Anyone can rat -- it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to re-rat," was said in reference to what action by Churchill? Changing political parties

173. What three countries have granted WSC honorary citizenship? USA, Luxembourg, Cuba

179.Winston's speech mentioning the "infernal . . . ah INTERNAL . . . combustion engine" was given where and when? Harvard, 6 September 1943

185. "We already have enough ignorant voters and we don't want any more" was said by WSC in 1911 in reference to whom? Women

197. When, and at what age, did WSC make his final visit to the U.S.? 1961 at age of 87

203. Churchill was Prime Minister from 10 May 1940 until when? 27 July 1945

209. Because of his dominating personality, refusal to delegate and irregular work habits, WSC was relieved of what position by Chamberlain? Chairmanship of Military Coordination Committee

215. "The foundation of . . . peace are strengthening among . . . civilised countries . . . but [name the country] is incalculable, aloof and malignant." Russia

227. Shortly after becoming Home Secretary in 1910, what ambitious reform did he undertake? The prison system

233. Why was Churchill summoned to the Palace on 10 May 1940? The King asked him to form a government

239. "Like the Mississippi, it just keeps rolling along," was said by Churchill to the House of Commons in 1941. What is "it"? The cooperation of Great Britain, the U.S. and Canada

245. In 1940 Churchill did not have the loyalty of the Conservative party. Who did? Chamberlain

251. Who or what was "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma"? Russia

257. What did Churchill think (in the early 1900s) was the cause of unrest in Ireland? Excessive taxation by Britain

263. After the Dardanelles fiasco Churchill accepted what minor office in Asquith's 1915 government? Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

269. When was Churchill's last visit to the House of Commons? 27 July 1964

275. Asquith said "the most brilliant strategic conception that emerged during the whole of the war" about what Churchill strategy? Dardanelles strategy

281. Who beat Churchill in a Gallup poll as a potential replacement for Chamberlain taken in April 1939? Anthony Eden

287. "I'll kiss him on both cheeks - or all four if you'd prefer it," was said about who by Churchill? General DeGaulle

293. Churchill was M.P. for what constituency from 1924-1945? Epping

299. What was the name of the party Churchill is alleged to have tried to form in 1936? "King's Party"

305. In 1940, who did Chamberlain propose for Prime Minister before Churchill was selected? Lord Halifax

311. "Continue to pester, nag and bite" was a message Churchill sent to a British diplomat when asked his advise on how to handle what danger? On reacting to Japan's entering the war

317. Before World War II the Parliamentary constituency WSC represented was Epping; with boundary changes in 1945, it became Woodford. What is it called today? Wanstead and Woodford

323. Which Parliamentary elections did WSC lose? Oldham (1899), Manchester NW (1908), Dundee (1922), Leicester West (1923), Abbey Division of Westminister (1924)

329. ". . . we request to be spared from being spanked like a pupil by a governess," was spoken by whom in 1938, in response to Churchill's remarks? Adolf Hitler

335. How long did Churchill remain Chancellor of the Exchequer after he was appointed to that office in 1924? Five years (1924-29)

341. Can you name the six other Harrow graduates who became Prime Minister? Goderich, Perceval, Peel, Aberdeen, Palmerston, and Baldwin

347. Churchill's speech, "The Sinews of Peace," is more commonly known by what name? "The Iron Curtain Speech"

353. Fill in the blanks: "The inherent vice of ____ is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of ____ is the equal sharing of miseries." "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries."

359. A famous Churchill quote is, "I might have got here on my own." Where exactly was "here"? U. S. Congress

365. Every General Election in the twentieth century included Churchill's name on a ballot until what year? 1959

371. What country did Churchill say was the "linchpin" of the English-speaking world? Canada

377. In the 1930s Churchill correctly predicted an unpleasant development for India, which indeed occurred in 1947 when independence was granted. What was it? The Indian bloodbath

383. What was the name of the Group which met at luncheons in 1937-38 to encourage support for WSC's policy of peace through strength? The "Focus [on Freedom and Peace]"

389. Churchill represented four constituencies in the pre-WW2 years. Name at least three. Oldham (1900), North-West Manchester (1906), Dundee (1908) and Epping (1924)

395. In 1941 Churchill and Roosevelt met in Placentia Bay to frame the Atlantic Charter. After the war it became a basis for which organization's charter? United Nations

401. In 1916 Churchill was desperately hoping for an appointment which Lloyd George awarded to Edward Montague. What was it? Minister of Munitions

407. Churchill served in Parliament almost continuously for over 60 years. When was the break? 1922-24

413. Though officially he proclaimed himself neutral, what party did Churchill hope would win the last five American elections of his life? Democratic Party

419. What American University visited by Churchill inspired him to promote a British school encouraging science? The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

425. In 1914 Churchill referred to what country as "Germany's idiot ally"? Austria

431. Complete this Churchill quote: "____ is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it; ignorance may deride it; malice may distort it; but there it is." "The Truth"

437. In what year did Churchill receive the Order of the Garter? 34 April 1953

443. Whose neck did Churchill want to see on a swivel, so that it could face the olive branches or the arrows, as the occasion might demand"? The American eagle's neck of the presidential seal

449. Churchill changed political parties two times. What was his final party affiliation? Conservative Party

455. Although he finally accepted the Order of the Garter, what other titled honors did WSC refuse? Duke of Dover in 1945 and later the title of Duke of London

461. In 1940 which three Labour Party leaders said they would serve a national government only under Churchill? Clement Attlee, Herbert Morrison and Ernest Bevin

467. Except perhaps for the "Iron Curtain" speech, Churchill was not much criticized after the war. What book, published in 1957 and based on the diaries of Alanbrooke, broke this trend? The Turn of the Tide by Arthur Bryant

473. Complete this Churchill quote, "Is it better to have ___ at the price of poverty or well-being at the price of ___?" "Is it better to have equality at the price of poverty or well-being at the price of inequality?"

479. Why did the "Primrose League" (a group of Conservative canvassers founded by Lord Randolph, of which Winston was later a member) choose that flower as their symbol? Disraeli's favorite flower was the primrose and the Primrose League supported Conservative candidates

485. One of Churchill's many British decorations was the "O.M." What do the initials signify and what year did he receive it? Order of Merit, founded in 1902 by Edward VII, is a gift of the sovereign limited to twenty-four members and was awarded to WSC in 1946

491. What was the "key" to the "...riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma"? Russian national interest

497. In a famous 1914 speech, Churchill used the analogy that "the nose of the bulldog has been turned backwards so that he can breathe without letting go" to describe what? A bulldog

502. To whom was Churchill speaking when he said in a radio broadcast: "give us the tools, and we will finish the job"? To Roosevelt

509. Who did Churchill call the "embodiment of evil" in 1919? Lenin

515. Where and when did Churchill say his famous words about never giving in? Harrow School, 1941

521. In a speech decrying the use of Socialist jargon Churchill mentioned "poor" being replaced by "lower income group." How did he suggest "Home Sweet Home" might be sung? "Accommodation Unit, Sweet Accommodation Unit"

527. What national homeland besides the Jewish one did Churchill wish to see established after World War I? The Kurds after WWI

533. "They feared the friendship of the West ... couldn't afford to allow free and friendly intercourse between their country and those they controlled, and the rest of the world. They daren't see ... the easements and tolerances which come from the agreeable contacts of nations and of individuals." Who were they? The Russians

539. When and where did Churchill deliver his "blood, toil, tears and sweat" speech? House of Commons, 13 May 1940

545. Complete this Churchill quote: "I do not hold that we should rearm to fight, I hold that we should rearm to _____." "parley"

551. What was the subject of Churchill's first political speech (1897)? Workmen's Compensation Bill

557. What issue caused Churchill to part company with the Tory Party in 1930? The India issue

563. What was the Atlantic Charter? A joint communiqué by WSC and FDR containing eight points of principle regarding territory, government, economics and peace

569. In 1919 WSC said, "if Russia is to be saved, as I pray she may be saved, she must be saved by [whom]"? Russians

575. In 1919, what did Churchill think would "create a condition of barbarism worse than the Stone Age"? Marxism/Leninism

581. To whom was Churchill referring when he called them "carnivorous sheep"? The Germans

587. How many post-World War I elections did Churchill lose before finding a seat for Epping in 1924? Dundee, 1922; West Leicester, 1923; Abbey Division of Westminster, 1924

593. In 1943, before leaving to visit Roosevelt, WSC advised the King to appoint whom as PM should anything happen to him? Anthony Eden

599. "Although we have not yet invented the unsinkable ship, we have discovered the unsinkable politician," was a remark in the Morning Post reacting to WSC's appointment to what position? Minister of Munitions

605. "... amazing medley of the glorious and the squalid, the pitiful and the sublime, if modern men of light and leading saw your face closer, simple folk would see it hardly ever." What was Churchill describing? "Ah, horrible war..."

611. Churchill thought that Dundee would be his "seat for life." what years did he represent that constituency? 1908 to 1922

617. "...there was full authority ... reasonable prospect of success ... greater interests not compromised, care and forethought exercised in the preparations, ... vigour and determination shown in the execution." were arguments used by WSC in defense of what? Dardanelles

623. Whilst Chancellor of the Exchequer (1924), Churchill also held an elected, position; what was it? After losing several elections Churchill became Member for Epping (1924)

629. What as the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which Churchill reaffirmed when he was Colonial Secretary? It promised the Jewish people a homeland

635. Churchill's "seven tests of freedom" (1944) were offered as encouragement to what country? To Italy

641. What year did Churchill decide not to stand for reelection from Epping? 1964

647. "Truth is so precious that she must often be attended by a Bodyguard of Lies," was said by Churchill to whom? To Stalin at Teheran

653. Where did Churchill make his first public speech (in 1894)?At the Empire Theatre (now Equinox) in Leicester Square, defending the pleasures of the music hall

659. "I felt as if ... all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour." What was the hour? Prime Minister

665. What was the significance of Churchill being made the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in 1915?Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in 1915 was a sinecure position given to Churchill after the Dardanelles

671. How long did it take Churchill to get back into Parliament after losing Dundee in 1922?Two years and three by-elections

677. WSC was twice Prime Minister of Britain. What other cabinet positions did he hold? President of the Board of Trade, Home Secretary, First Lord of the Admiralty, Minister of Munitions, Secretary of State for War and Air, Colonial Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer

683. What was the "Stalingrad Sword"? Made by Wilkinson and presented by Churchill to Stalin in 1945 in recognition of Russian bravery during WWII

689. What as the KGB's code name for Churchill? "Boar"

695. "It may well be a blessing in disguise," said Mrs. Churchill, to which WSC replied, "At the moment, it seems quite effectively disguised." What was "it"? The 1945 election results

701. "If [?] were once united in the sharing of its common inheritance, there would be no limit to the happiness, prosperity and glory which its...people could enjoy." Supply the missing word in this Churchill quote (1946). Europe

707. When WW1 was over, Churchill no longer wanted to be War Minister. What other offices did he prefer? Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary or Colonial Secretary

713. What was the main purpose of the Cairo Conference in 1921? To designate the rulers of Iraq and the Transjordan

719. What was Churchill's title for the speech he gave at Fulton, Missouri in 1946 and is popularly known as the "Iron Curtain Speech"? "Sinews of Peace"

725. "There is nothing they admire so much as strength and there is nothing for which they have less respect than for weakness, especially military weakness." Who are they? The Soviets

731. Churchill was honored by a ticker tape parade down Broadway (New York City) on "Churchill Day." What was the date? By a ticker tape parade in New York City of 15 March 1946

737. What was one of the most dire consequences of Churchill returning England to the gold standard in 1925? The 1926 General Strike

743. Finish this quote: "Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duty, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say [?]" . "...this was their finest hour."

749. What does Churchill's quote to the press, "I plead, I pray, that time and tolerance will not be denied," refer to? King Edward VIII's desire to marry Mrs. Simpson

752. What was the occasion for Churchill's "We shall defend our island, and, with the British Empire around us, we shall fight on unconquerable until the curse of Hitler is lifted from the brows of men"? On 17 June 1940, after Petain sued for peace, Churchill promised to "defend our island and fight on" until Hitler was defeated.

764. How did Churchill support "continental commitment"? Contrary to the "national instinct" and to British historical experience, WSC supported already in 1911 the concept of sending the British Army to fight alongside an allied army on the Continent, even should this involve subordination to the latter's continental strategy.

772. In what context did Lady Churchill comment: "I do feel that as long as [Lloyd George] is PM it would be better to hunt with him, than lie in the bushes and watch him careering along with a jaundiced eye."? During the discussions on Home Rule, Clementine reminded Churchill to go along with Lloyd George.

773. Why did Churchill believe the League of Nations failed? Because its principles were deserted by the States, because the governments feared to face the facts, and act while time remained.

777. Where did Churchill write: "Great peoples in the enjoyment of free institutions are always groping for the truth."? In the Preface to "For Free Trade" in 1906

778. In what context did Churchill comment: "The policy which the Unionist Party ought to pursue must be a policy of imperialism, but not a one-sided imperialism."? His comments on the Policy for the Unionist Party was made in favor of Free Trade in response to Chamberlain's Tariff Reform and Imperial Preference proposal in May 1903.

787. When did Churchill comment, "I always avoid prophesying beforehand, because it is much better policy to prophesy after the event has already taken place."? During the Cairo Press Conference, 1 February 1943

797. How did Churchill characterize the statesman in his speech at the unveiling of the monument to The Earl of Oxford and Asquith? In his speech on 6 December 1950, he said: "...But I must say that the statesmen whom I saw in those days seemed to tower above the general level in a most impressive way. The tests were keener, the standards were higher, and those who surmounted them were men it was a treat and honour to meet."

803. What was the famous comment Churchill made regarding the liquidation of the British Empire? Speaking at the Lord Mayor's Luncheon, Mansion House, London, on 10 November 1942, Churchill said: " I have not become the King's First Minister in order to preside over the liquidation of the British Empire."

809. In what reference did Churchill declare, in a speech on 23 May 1939: "...I could not stand by and see solemn engagements into which Britain has entered before the world set aside for reasons of administrative convenience...."? Churchill made the comment in his speech against the White Paper which stipulated an end to Jewish immigration to Palestine in five years by a majority decision of the population."

815. Which speech ended: "....if all British moral and material forces and convictions are joined with your own in fraternal association, the high-roads of the future will be clear, not only for us but for all, not only for our time, but for a century to come"? "Sinews of Peace" or 'Iron Curtain' speech, Fulton, Missouri, 5 March 1946

821. What was one of Churchill's primary reasons for joining the Liberal Party in 1904? Churchill joined the Liberal Party because of his opposition to the implementation of the policy of tariff impositions in defense of British trade.

827. Churchill commented "...There is only one thing worse than fighting with Allies !" What is it? "There is only one thing worse than fighting with allies and that is fighting without them." (833) Churchill commented about Chamberlain: "An old town clerk looking at European affairs through the wrong end of a municipal drainpipe."

833. What were Churchill's comments about Neville Chamberlain?

839. What are the two main issues Churchill devoted his energies to in the final months as Prime Minister? The two international problems Churchill addressed during his second Premiership were the threats and challenges of the hydrogen bomb and the potential for a summit meeting with the new Russian leaders after Stalin's death.

845. To whom did Churchill write on 7 July 1922: "...The prize is so great that other things should be subordinated to gaining it. The bulk of the people are slow to take in what is happening and prejudices die hard."? Michael Collins on the Irish problems

851. The Yalta Agreement provided that the Eastern frontier of Poland follow a certain line. What was it called? The Curzon line

857. Who wrote the following about Churchill, and when? "...He showed himself to be a statesman who well understands the nature of war." James Louis Garvin, editor, wrote in The Observer of 9 August 1914

863. What did Churchill refer to when he wrote in a note to F. W. Deakin on May 19, 1947, "It showed where we stood unmistakably and convinced the world that Germany had to face an indefinitely long war." The orders Churchill gave to attack the French fleet at Oran.

869. What did Churchill call the "most unsordid act in the history of any nation"? Lend-Lease

875. Who was the British statesman and philosopher in whose practices Churchill viewed political leadership. Edmund Burke, 1729-1797

881. What is the "Armistice Dream" which Churchill mentioned in The World Crisis? Key statesmen of WWII congregate on an island in the English Channel, leaving partisanship and selfish interests behind.

887. What did Churchill consider to remain "the sovereign definition of democracy"? On November 11, 1947 in the House of Commons, Churchill said, "We hold that there ought to be a constant relationship between the rulers and the people. Government of the people, by the people, for the people, still remains the sovereign definition of democracy."

893. Professor Kirk Emmert lists the moral and political virtues of great political leaders, such as Churchill or Marlborough, in his essay "The Peaceful Purposes of Empire." What are they ? Justice, courage or strength of sour, prudence, perseverance, imagination and self-restraint.

899. On 25 June 1907 Churchill commented on the "Second Chamber" in the House of Commons. What were his comments about the House of Lords? "...This second chamber as it is -- one-sided, hereditary, unpurged, unrepresentative, irresponsible, absentee."

905. In early April 1941 Churchill wanted to send a message to Stalin warning him of the relocation of up to five Panzer Divisions to Southern Poland for a probable attack by Germany on the Soviet Union. Who held up the message repeatedly until April 19th? Sir Stafford Cripps, British Ambassador to the Soviet Union, because he felt that it would be interpreted as an attempt to embroil the Soviets with Germany.

911. On 12 May 1921 the Cabinet was discussing whether or not to offer a truce to Sinn Fein. Did Churchill agree that the government must enter negotiations because of moral or political weakness? No; Churchill favored the truce because he considered "that our forces are stronger and better trained."

917. At the Casablanca Conference with Churchill and FDR, what key issue was presented by a slip of the tongue? Roosevelt later admitted to Harry Hopkins that his "Unconditional Surrender" demand at Cairo was a slip of the tongue.

923. What was Churchill's position on the use of bacteriological weapons? On 8 March 1944 WSC minuted the Defense Council regarding bacteriological warfare "...if our enemies should indulge in this form of warfare, the only deterrent would be our power to retaliate."

929. Which military leader defined leadership as "The capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose, and the character which inspires confidence"? General Montgomery

935. Where did Churchill utter, "Never give in, never give in..."? In a speech on 29Oct41 to the boys at Harrow School

941. In 1936 Churchill wrote "How to Stop War." Where can you find it? London Evening Standard 12 Jun 1936 and reprinted in Step by Step

947. Several times Churchill commented on his fate if his father would have been American rather than his mother. What would have been his position, in that case, with regard to involvement in Europe? In the Daily Telegraph and Morning Post of 15 Apr 1947 he commented, "If my father would have been an American citizen instead of my mother, I should have hesitated a long time before I got mixed up with Europe and Asia

953. In Marlborough, Churchill puts forward a threefold rule of conduct for nations. What is it? "One rule of conduct alone survives as a guide to men in their wanderings: fidelity to covenants, the honour of soldiers and the hatred of causing human woe."

959. On 19 November 1939 Churchill reported to the War Cabinet the impact of German minelaying opposite the entrance of the Thames estuary. What was his recommended response? Churchill recommended feeding "large numbers of floating mines into the Rhine river above Srrasbourg."

965. What was the only Cabinet post Churchill never received? Foreign Secretary

971. At Teheran, Churchill commented "....the truth is so precious, it must always be attended by" . . .what? "In war-time, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies."

977. In 1945 while electioneering, what did Churchill declare "no Socialist system can be without"? "I believe from the bottom of my heart that no Socialist system can be established without political police," a statement said to have contributed to his defeat in 1945.

983. In 1937 Churchill commented, "It is no use leading the other nations up the garden and then running away when the dog growls." To what did he refer? Churchill spoke in support of non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War.

989. In Churchill's view, what were the two main objectives of the Boer strategy during the Anglo-Boer War? The Boer strategy was to exclude the war from their own territory and to confine it to rocky and broken regions best suited to their tactics.

995. What was Churchill's opinion of the tactical position of Ladysmith during the Boer War? "Tactically Ladysmith may be strongly defensible, but for strategic purpose it is absolutely worthless."

1001. What year was it when Churchill commented in one of his House of Commons speeches: "A European war cannot be anything but a cruel,heart-rending struggle, which if we are ever to enjoy the bitter fruits of victory, must demand, perhaps for several years, the whole manhood of the nation, the entire suspension of peaceful industries, and the concentration to one end of every vital energy in the country"? 13 March 1901 in the House debate on Army Reform.

1007. In Marlborough, Churchill comments on the interaction of military and political instruments of power in grand strategy, declaring, "His life is a ceaseless triple struggle." What were the three struggles? Marlborough's three struggles were "firstly, to preserve the political foundation in England which would enable her to dominate the Continental war; secondly, to procure effective military action from the crowds of discordant, jealous, and often incompetent or lukewarm allies; and thirdly--and this was the easiest part--to beat the French in the field."

1013. Name four of the constituencies Churchill represented in his Parliamentary career. Oldham, Northwest Manchester, Dundee and Epping; the latter was subdivided and he represented the Woodford constituency.

1019. How did Churchill refer to Austria-Hungary in 1914? "Germany's idiot ally"

1025. In 1939, what did the British Chiefs of Staff consider the key to the strategic situation in the Indian Ocean, Far East and Australasia? "the integrity of Singapore"

1031. Churchill wrote, "None understand the strength of ----- or the resources of the United States." Fill in the blank.

1036. When Churchill replaced Chamberlain as Prime Minister, what office did he want give the former Prime Minister? Chancellor of the Exchequer, but Labour and the Tory dissidents vetoed the offer.

1037. In August 1919 Churchill as Secretary for War and Air urged the Government to accept the "ten-year rule" as the British principle defense policy. What was the "ten-year rule"? a defense policy based on the assumption that there would be no major war for ten years

1043. Who urged Churchill in 1945 to give the French access to the atomic bomb program? Anthony Eden

1049. What was the "Percentage Agreement" of October 1944? Proposed by WSC to Stalin, it showed the percentage of interest between Britain and Russia in Romania, Greece, Yugoslavia, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

1055. When did Churchill form the Caretaker Government? May 1945 and lasted until elections could be held

1061. Who proclaimed "Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right"? Lord Randolph, in a letter dated 7 May 1886

1067. What did WSC believe would result from attacking Turkey in 1914? It would force the Balkan states to unite and join the Allies, and that a victory would forge a line of supply to the beleaguered Russians via the Black Sea

1079. In a war speech Churchill said, "We must make the idea of peace more attractive to the enemy than the continuance of the struggle in the field." Who was the "enemy" and what was the war? Germany was the enemy in World War I

1085 What was Churchill's longest speech in the House of Commons? On Naval Estimates, 1 8Mar12, lasted 2 1/2 hours

1091. When did Churchill address Joint Sessions of the U.S. Congress? 26Dec41, 19May43, 17Jan52

1097. "Human beings and human societies are not structures that are built or machines that are forged. They are plants that grow and must be tended as such" Where did Churchill make this statement? MIT, Boston, 31Mar1949

1103. "Don't confront the Americans head on. Be patient! They will come to you, for there is no alternative." To whom did Churchill say this? Churchill said "the Americans will come to you" to de Gaulle

1109. When the local authorities at Rhonda Valley (Tonypandy) asked for troops to control the striking miners, what was Churchill's response? Churchill agreed to send police, but held the troops in reserve and did not use them.

1115. Whom did Churchill select as Chief of the Air Staff in early February 1919? Sir Hugh Trenchard

1121. In 1920 Churchill suggested an economic scheme of imperial defence to govern Mesopotamia. By what means did he expect to govern? "aeroplanes and armoured cars."

1127. What regions were designated as "British spheres" for support of anti-Bolshevik activities after WW1? The "spheres" assigned to the British in support of the White Russians were Armenia, Kazakhistan and the Caucasus.

1133. In one of his early messages to Churchill (18Jul41), Stalin urged Churchill to open a second front. He suggested two areas. One was in France. What was the other? Stalin wrote, "It would be easier still to open a front in the North [Norway]."

1139. In October 1942 Churchill wrote to Anthony Eden, "I hope these speculative studies will be entrusted mainly to those on whose hands time hangs heavy, and that we shall not overlook Mrs. Glasse's Cookery Book recipe for jugged hare - 'First catch your hare.'" What studies did Churchill refer to? concerned postwar Europe

1145. In July 1943 Churchill remarked of the Yugoslav partisans, "What we want is a daring ambassador-leader with these hardy and hunted guerrillas." Whom did he select for the assignment? Lt. Col. Fitzroy Maclean, of the Foreign Office, was given the rank of Brigadier and assigned to Tito's headquarters.

1151. What was "Operation Culverin"? It was planned as an attack on Sumatra and Malaya.

1157. According to a 1954 Commons speech, what "must never be grudged when peace of the world is at stake"? Patience and perseverance

1163. On 29 February 1936, Churchill warned that Germany's 1937 air strength in 1937 would "be nearly double of our own." Mr. Baldwin said his figures were exaggerated." Who was right? Churchill was correct about German air strength. By 1939 Germany had 4320 first line aircraft to 1660 British.

1168. Did Lord Randolph and Winston Churchill agree or disagree on Home Rule for Ireland? Lord Randolph opposed Irish Home Rule, Winston favored it.

1175. In 1919, who recommended to Air Minister Churchill that Mesopotamia should be held by air power, thereby releasing a number of army divisions? Lord Trenchant

1181. Ireland's De Valera was invited to London 19 October 1921 and settle the Irish question. What were Churchill's recommendations for a settlement? He recommended compromise and concessions if the Irish delegates accepted Dominion status.

1187. In 1915, what were Churchill's predictions regarding the Balkans? Churchill wrote on 8 Dec 1915 to J. L. Garvin: "The Balkans must be left to stew in their own bitter juice."

1193. Whom did Churchill send to Turkey before  WW1 as an adviser to  train and organize the Turkish Navy? Churchill sent Rear Admiral Arthur Limpus to Constantinople in 1912.

1199. What was the unimplemented strategic plan, Operation Culverin? A strategic plan for operations against northern Sumatra and Malaya.

1205. After becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer, Churchill adopted a reform program. What were its four objectives? Reduction of income tax, widows' pensions, extended old age insurance and cheap housing.

Questions from 113

1211. What caused Churchill to order a stop to the evacuation of British children to Canada on 23 Sep 1940? Churchill stopped the evacuation of children when the City of Benaris was torpedoed and seventy-seven children lost their lives.

1217. When did Churchill gave this early warning concerning the aerial vulnerability of the nation's capital? "...the crash of bombs exploding in London and the cataracts of masonry and fire and smoke will warn us of the our aerial defences. We are vulnerable as we have never been before." In the House of Commons on 7Feb34.

1223. At the ARCADIA Conference in December 1941, Churchill and Roosevelt decided against an immediate build-up of American ground forces in Britain. Where did Roosevelt want to put the American troops? FDR wanted to take over the defense of Northern Ireland.

1229. On 13 May 1901 in his speech on Army Reform, what did Winston Churchill prophesy about a future European war? Churchill predicted "...a European war can only end in the ruins of the vanquished and the scarcely less fatal commercial dislocation and exhaustion of the conquerors."

Questions from 114

1235. Who on WSC's staff said, "We had been at war with Germany longer than any war power, we had suffered more, we had sacrificed more, and in the end we would lose more...Yet here were these God-awful American academics rushing about, talking about the Four Freedoms and the 'Atlantic Charter'"? (S)

1241. The priorities of Allied bombers were Germany's synthetic oil production
facilities, oil depots, and tank factories. Which two additional target areas were added in January 1945? (S)

1247. In July 1944 Churchill asked for a "dispassionate report on the military
aspects of threatening to use lethal and corrosive gases on the enemy, if they did not stop the use of indiscriminate weapons." What was the response? (S)

1253. Name three of the major issues discussed during the Yalta conference by Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt. (S)

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