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On Tour: Churchill’s Finest Hour, 1940-45 Photo exhibition coming to Portugal

For the first time, the international Churchill photo exhibition Churchill’s Finest Hour, 1940-45 will be on show at Centro Cultural de Cascais near Lisbon from June 29th to July 28th, 2017.

The exhibition is produced by Niels Bjerre from Copenhagen, Denmark. Bjerre has been interested in Churchill’s life since the early 1990´s. It was his visit to the Churchill War Rooms in London in 1987 gave him the inspiration to create the photo exhibition of the “Greatest Briton”.

‘Like many other countries which were occupied by the Nazis during the Second World War we Danes see Winston Churchill as the one who saved the free world. He succeeded in kindling the spirit of the British people and also everyone who wanted to take a stand against dictatorship! Here is this man who comes into history and gives the inspiration of leadership and charts the way for the people to go. I was also so lucky to know Churchill’s daughter Lady Soames (1922-2014) over many years. She always showed interest in what other “Churchillians” were doing around the world’, says Niels Bjerre.

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Sen. John Danforth Receives Churchill Award

On the 8th of June 2017, Dr. Benjamin Akande, President of Westminster College, presented the Winston Churchill Medal for Leadership to former U.S. Senator and Ambassador to the United Nations Jack Danforth. The presentation was held at an evening dinner event at the Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, Missouri. Westminster College is the historic location of Winston Churchill’s famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech which was given in 1946. The speech is considered the beginning of the ‘Cold War’ between the Soviet Union and the West.

“For peace in the world and for tranquility at home, we must return to fundamental principle. It’s America’s responsibility abroad and purpose at home to hold things together.”

— Excerpt from Sen. John C. Danforth’s acceptance remarks.

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HM Queen Elizabeth II at 91

“Famous have been the reigns of our Queens,” Winston Churchill told the nation when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II succeeded her father as sovereign in 1952. The Prime Minister recalled: “Some of the greatest periods in our history have unfolded under their sceptres.”

Sixty-five years on, we now know that the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth have in this Second Elizabethan Age enjoyed the greatest period of prosperity in their history and a much more peaceful time than during the tumultuous first half of the twentieth century.

From her earliest days on the throne at age twenty-five, Her Majesty pledged faithfully to follow her late father’s example “of service to his Peoples and the preservation of Constitutional Government.” This she has done impeccably for six and a half decades. We saw it again only this May when, at ninety-one, Her Majesty travelled to Manchester to pay hospital visits to the victims of a terrorist attack.

When hailing the accession of his young, new monarch, the seventy-seven-year-old Churchill concluded: “I, whose youth was passed in the august, unchallenged and tranquil glories of the Victorian Era, may well feel a thrill in invoking, once more, the prayer and the Anthem, ‘God Save the Queen!’”

The International Churchill Society warmly endorses the royal sentiments expressed by the man whose legacy we serve to preserve and promote. In Her Majesty’s tenth decade, we join with others round the world in singing “long live our noble Queen!”

-Laurence Geller CBE, Chairman, International Churchill Society

HM Queen Elizabeth II’s actual date of birth is 21 April, but her official birthday is generally celebrated in the United Kingdom on the second Saturday in June and throughout the Commonwealth on various other dates.

The Queen

By Professor Andrew Roberts

The 91st birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II seems to be a good time to investigate what this remarkable woman means to Great Britain, the Commonwealth and the world, and why. For Chinese people, who have not had an hereditary Head of State since 1911, the whole concept of a crown and throne might seem absurdly anachronistic, but somehow it works for Britain and the fifteen other countries of which she is queen.

The fact that The Queen is in good health, and even as a nonagenarian carries out over three hundred public engagements per year, is remarkable. Her father King George VI died at the age of 56 but her mother was 101 when she died, and their daughter shows few signs of slowing down in the role. The commendable respect that the Chinese traditionally show to older and more experienced people is not always displayed in Britain, but it certainly is towards The Queen, who is universally admired, even by republicans who politically do not support the monarchy as an institution, such as the Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

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Sad News from ICS UK In memoriam

Members will be sad to learn of the recent death of Eric Bingham at the age of 94. Eric was a long-time member and was at one time the Society’s membership secretary.

In 1995 Eric and his late wife Hilda wrote a deeply researched piece about Robert Somervell, Churchill’s history master at Harrow: see Finest Hour 86. In My Early Life, Churchill had written that his debt to Mr Somervell was great and that it was due to him that he had got into his bones “the essential structure of the ordinary British sentence – which is a noble thing.”

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The Churchills in Wisconsin

Winston Churchill’s great-grandchildren Randolph and Jennie Churchill recently spoke about their illustrious namesakes and great-great grandparents Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill.

The event was held at Fox Valley Lutheran High School in Appleton, Wisconsin and organised by Churchillians Dr Monroe Trout and his wife Sandra.

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BABC 2017 Conference British American Business Council

ICS Chairman Laurence Geller Welcomes Delegates to the 2017 BABC Conference

Ladies & Gentleman,

Welcome to Chicago, our dynamic, always growing and ever improving truly Global City.

We are so very grateful for your being part of the British American Business Council 2017 Transatlantic Conference and want you to enjoy every facet of our diverse, exciting, beckoning and enticing great city.

Chicago has so many world class attributes to offer and it takes many visits to taste and appreciate them all.

For those many of you who have travelled near and far to attend this conference, we hope you will return time and time again in the certainty that we will always beckon you with outstretched and welcoming hands

One thing is certain, every time you come not only will you always find something new to enjoy in Chicago but you will be coming back to visit a good friend. Our conference theme this year is “Navigation of the New World” and it could not be more timely or appropriate.

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The Duke of Edinburgh Retires from Public Duties

Statement from the Chairman of the International Churchill Society Regarding HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s Decision to Retire from Public Duties

Upon his own retirement in 1955, Sir Winston Churchill wrote in a personal message to HM The Queen about HRH The Duke of Edinburgh: “His Royal Highness’s remarkable qualities are making an ever-deepening impression upon the minds of people of all classes and Parties.” As a naval officer during the Second World War, the young Prince Philip had already made a favourable impression upon Churchill.

The Duke further showed his qualities in 1951 when he achieved the remarkable feat of convincing Churchill to change his mind. It was proposed that then Princess Elizabeth and her husband travel to Canada by air, a novel form of transit at the time. “To this Churchill was deeply opposed,” the Duke late recalled in a letter to Churchill’s Official Biographer Sir Martin Gilbert, “so it was decided that I should try to persuade him to give his approval. I am glad to say that he eventually did agree, after I had reminded him of his flights across the Atlantic during the war while he was in the rather more responsible position of Prime Minister.”

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David Petraeus on Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’ Speech

Churchill gave his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ Speech in 1946


These events took place at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury and the National Churchill Museum on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. It was on the campus of Westminster College on 5 March 1946 that Winston Churchill gave his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech.

During his 37-year career in the U.S. Army, General Petraeus was widely recognized for his command of the organization that produced the U.S. Army’s counterinsurgency manual and overhauled all aspects of preparing U.S. Army leaders and units for deployment to combat. Before his retirement in 2011, his commands included the leadership of the Surge in Iraq and for his command of forces in Afghanistan. Upon retirement from the U.S. Army, he became Director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

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Timothy Snyder at the NCLC

Author of On Tyranny gives a talk in Washington, D.C.

Professor Timothy Snyder, author of On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, gave a talk at the National Churchill Library and Center about his book in which he reflects on how many democracies failed throughout Europe during the 20th century and how these specific cases can be used as lessons for maintaining democracy today. Watch the entire talk at C-SPAN.

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Lord Owen to Speak at Churchill 2017

Former British Foreign Secretary among Headliners for Thirty-fourth International Churchill Conference at the J. W. Marriott Essex House, New York City, Oct. 10–12

Former British Foreign Secretary David Owen (Baron Owen of the City of Plymouth and author of the recently published Cabinet’s Finest Hour: The Hidden Agenda of May 1940) will bring his considerable diplomatic experience to the proceedings as he analyzes Churchill’s role in global affairs. The International Churchill Society is pleased to announce that early registration is now open for the 34th International Churchill Conference, which will take place at the J. W. Marriott Essex House in New York City next October 10, 11, and 12. Follow this link to register today.

Lord Owen will also be speaking about his new book at the National Churchill Library and Center in Washington, D. C. at 6 pm on Wednesday, April 26. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, please CLICK HERE.

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Professor Richard Carwardine on his book ‘Lincoln’s Sense of Humor’

Oxford Professor Richard Carwardine speaking at the National Churchill Library and Center

Author of Lincoln’s Sense of Humor Professor Richard Carwardine talked about his latest book, in which he examines Abraham Lincoln’s sense of humor and his ability to invoke it throughout his life and presidential tenure.

Richard Carwardine Discusses Lincoln s Sense Video C SPAN org
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Autumn in New York

Registration Now Open for the 2017 International Churchill Conference in New York City, October 10–12

Essex House

The International Churchill Society is pleased to announce that early registration is now open for the 34th International Churchill Conference, which will take place at the J. W. Marriott Essex House in New York City next October 10, 11, and 12. Follow this link to register today.  Read More >

Busted Again

Churchill Bust Returns to the Oval Office

donald trump theresa mayOn Friday, January 27, Prime Minister Theresa May visited the White House and officially loaned a bust of Sir Winston Churchill to President Donald Trump. The bust has been placed in the Oval Office as a symbol of the strength of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. The presence of a bust of one of the most famous Anglo-Americans in history will be a reminder of a friendship that has endured for generations in both good times and bad. Read More >

(Watch) A Discussion with David Petraeus

The former Director of the CIA visits the National Churchill Library and Center in Washington, D.C.

Gen David Petraeus at the National Churchill Library and CenterLast week, the National Churchill Library and Center (NCLC) at The George Washington University welcomed General David Petraeus for its first major event. NCLC Director Michael F. Bishop sat down with General Petraeus for a wide-ranging discussion on strategic leadership, current global challenges, and his reflections on former British Prime Minister Winston S Churchill as a leader in war and peace.

Watch the Discussion on C-SPAN TV

General Petraeus, a renowned counterinsurgency expert, served for nearly four decades in the U.S. Army. His commands included coalition forces in Iraq, U.S. Central Command, and coalition forces in Afghanistan. He was widely credited for his leadership of the Surge in Iraq that sharply reduced sectarian violence. Upon his retirement from the military, he took up the post of CIA Director.

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