Sovereigns and Prime Ministers


Queen Victoria, 1837-1901
King Edward VII, 1901-1910
King George V, 1910-1936
King Edward VIII, 1936
King George VI, 1936-1952
Queen Elizabeth II, 1952-present PRIME MINISTERS 1874-1965Neville Chamberlain
NOTE:  Alongside the Prime Minister is the political nature of his government.  Several Prime Ministers, such as Asquith and Churchill, headed both one-party and Coalition (multi-party) governments.  Thus, Churchill was actually Prime Minster three times, not two, as is usually represented–he headed a “caretaker” Conservative government of May-July 1945, formed when the wartime coalition ended pending the July 1945 general election.

William Gladstone, Liberal, 1868-74
Benjamin Disraeli, Conservative (Tory), 1874-80
William Gladstone, Liberal, 1880-85
Marquess of Salisbury, Conservative (Tory), 1885-86
William Gladstone, Liberal, 1886
Marquess of Salisbury, Conservative (Tory), 1886-92
William Gladstone, Liberal, 1892-94
Earl of Rosebery, Liberal, 1894-95
Marquess of Salisbury, Conservative (Tory), 1895-02
Arthur Balfour, Conservative (Tory), 1902-05
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Liberal, 1905-08
Herbert H. Asquith, Liberal, 1908-15
Herbert H. Asquith, Coalition, 1915-16
David Lloyd George, Coalition, 1916-22
Andrew Bonar Law, Conservative (Tory), 1922-23
Stanley Baldwin, Conservative (Tory), 1923-24
James Ramsay MacDonald, Labour, 1924
Stanley Baldwin, Conservative (Tory), 1924-29
James Ramsay Macdonald, Labour, 1929-31
James Ramsay Macdonald, National, 1931-35
Stanley Baldwin, National, 1935-37
Neville Chamberlain, National, 1937-40
Winston S. Churchill, Coalition, 1940-45
Winston S. Churchill, Conservative (Tory), 1945
Clement Attlee, Labour, 1945-51
Winston S. Churchill, Conservative (Tory), 1951-55
Sir Anthony Eden, Conservative (Tory), 1955-57
Harold Macmillan, Conservative (Tory), 1957-63
Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Conservative (Tory), 1963-64
Harold Wilson, Labour, 1964-70


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